Brainsteering Your Game Plan: Strategizing a Game Plan Using Design Thinking


Brainsteering Your Game Plan: Strategizing a Game Plan Using Design Thinking

Brainsteering Your Game Plan: Strategizing a Game Plan Using Design Thinking

Course Duration: 2 Days


To win anything worthwhile, you need a strategic game plan. Professional sports teams know this, and this idea applies to an organization, a department, a team - and even to an individual. To be successful means knowing how to use their talent and resources to best advantage, and it's very difficlt to ''win'' if they don't have this game plan in place.

Program Description

''Brainsteering Your Game Plan'' is a process, whereby it leverages the way people think and work in developing strategic ideas and solutions. In this process, the participant will learn various tools that will assist in thinking into strategizing a game plan. By leveraging on to their strength and equipped with the state of the art thinking and strategy tools, a structured way of thinking is performed with less time and quality results.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the definition and the framework of strategy
  • Learn how to process a structured thinking flow so not to waste time and achieve more result
  • Identify a strategic problem that your orgaization faces, frame it as a question, and brainstorm possibilities to solve it
  • Surface and pick the conditions that would need to be true to make the possibility a winning strategy
  • Build and conduct different types of tests to help you choose among your possibilities
  • Set your team up to be able to take action on the strategic choices you make
  • Conduct a complete process in developing strategy and create an execution plan
  • Establish a project plan with milestones to track so as to ascertain that such a plan in successfully executed

Course Content

Module 1: An Introduction to Strategy and Design Thinking

  • The fundamentals of Strategy
  • Forecasting and reading patterns on how markets and business behaves
  • Design Thinking Mindset in Building Strategies
  • Difference Between Strategy & Tactics
  • Thinking Pattern during Strategic Thinking Process

Module 2: STRATEGY PROCESS MAP - A Framework For Navigating Strategy

  • Step 1: Identifying the problem or issues
  • Step 2: Framing A Question for steering the thought process
  • Step 3: Generate Possibilities
  • Step 4: Deciding what would have to be TRUE
  • Step 5: Identifying Barriers
  • Step 6: Design & Conduct Strategy Test
  • Step 7: Deciding the Strategy To Implement

Module 3: STRATEGY CHOICE CASCADE - A Way to Articulate Strategy

  • Step 1: Designing Winning Aspiration
  • Step 2: Deciding the Playing field Demographics
  • Step 3: Deciding On How to Win
  • Step 4: Defining The Activities Needed To Build Competitive Advantage
  • Step 5: Establishing Management System

Module 4: Implementation Your Strategy

  • Simulating Your Strategy Prototypes and Testing for refinement
  • Identifying the stakeholders and preparing to get buy ins
  • Establishing Roadmaps and Monitoring Methods
  • Defining Success Metrics and Expected Outcome to work with
  • Establishing timelines and resources needed for the strategy mapping

 Inquiry - Brainsteering Your Game Plan: Strategizing a Game Plan Using Design Thinking