Think Out Of The Box- Strategize Your Thinking To Achieve Productive Results Using TOLOPOSOGO


Think Out Of The Box- Strategize Your Thinking To Achieve Productive Results Using TOLOPOSOGO

Think Out Of The Box - Strategize Your Thinking To Achieve Productive Results Using TOLOPOSOGO

Course Duration: 2 days


Thinking is the ultimate human resource. Yet we can never be satisfied with our most important skill. No matter how good we become, we should always want to be better. The main difficulty of thinking is confusion. We try to do too much at once. Emotions, information, logic, hope and creativity all crowd in on us. It is like juggling with too many balls.

The participant will learn a very simple concept which allows them to think in a structured manner. Consequently, the participants will learn how to use this method in problem solving, planning a project or task. generating ideas and etc. This powerful method will ensure the participants structure the way they think and produce results fast, accurate and efficiently. This program is specially designed so that a project team is ready with necessary tools to plan, improve and innovate new process or project in their organization.

Course Objectives

Upon the completion of this course, the participants should be able to:
  • Understand the best practice in thinking to turbocharge enhanced results.
  • Learn how to think in a structured manner to arrive into conclusion faster.
  • Learn how to define or frame a problem.
  • Structuring facts rigidly and thinking with maximum clarity to identify core issues.
  • Learn how to generate innovative ideas.
  • Learn how to do proper evaluation and assessment of an idea.
  • Learn how to create a detail action plan and implement it.
  • Learn how to speed browse on information.
  • Learn the advance questioning techniques.
  • Learn how to make decision effectively.

Course Content

A. Learn How to Think

  • The GOLDEN RULE in strategic thinking​​​​
  • The Yin & Yang Fundamentals in strategic thinking
  • The strategic mindset - SOLUTION Consciousness
  • Overview of TOLOPOSOGO

B. First Stage: Focus & Purpose

  • What is focus & purpose thinking
  • The fundamentals of purpose thniking 
  • Purpose thinking tools
  • Questioning techniques to define the purpose
  • Clarifying the purpose for
    • Problem Solving (Framing the problem)
    • Planning (Project Charter)

C. Second Stage: Information

  • What is information thinking
  • The fundamentals of information thinking
  • Information thinking tools
    • Consider All Factor (CAF)
    • Other Peoples View (OPV)
    • Consequence & Sequel
  • Questioning techniques to browse information

D. Third Stage: Creativity

  • What is creative thinking
  • The fundamentals of creative thinking
  • Creative thinking tools
    • Provocation Technique
  • Questioning techniques to spark creativity

E. Fourth Stage: Evaluation & Decision

  • What is evaluation & decision thinking
  • The fundamentals of evaluation & decision thinking
  • Evaluation & decision thinking tools
    • Force Field Analysis
    • Grid Analysis (DM Matrix)
  • Questioning techniques to assist in evaluation & decision making

F. Fifth Stage: Action & Implementation

  • What is action & implementation thinking
  • The fundamentals of action & implementation thinking
  • Action & implementation thinking tools using 4DX
    • Discipline 1: Discipline of Focus
    • Discipline 2: Discipline of Leverage
    • Discipline 3: Discipline of Engagement
    • Discipline 4: Discipline of Accountability
  • Questioning techniques to assist in action & implementation

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