Achieving Win-Win Negotiation


Achieving Win-Win Negotiation

Achieving Win-Win Negotiation

Course Duration: 2 Days

Course Objectives

After completing the training, you should be able to:

  • Develop the right mindset to achieve win-win negotiation outcomes
  • To increase their self-awareness on their current negotiation mindset and habit
  • To understand their own personality - strengths and weaknesses in negotiation
  • To recognize different personality of stakeholders and learn how to influence and persuade different personality of stakeholders
  • To equip with crucial negotiation skills to achieve win-win outcomes
  • To understand how to use different negotiation styles based on different situations
  • To be able to analyze the negotiation situation and choose the right negotiation strategies
  • To learn how to increase negotiation power and positioning
  • To improve negotiation execution

Key Content

Module 1: Win-Win Negotiation Mindset

  • Why internal negotiations are harder than external ones
  • Negotiation challenge: to uncover your negotiation mindset and habit
  • Avoiding common negotiation pitfalls
  • The 6 key elements for a successful negotiation - mindset, skills, information, analyzing, strategy and emotion
  • Creating an empowering mindset for success in negotiation

Module 2: Influence and Persuade Different Personality of Stakeholders

  • Self-assessment: understand your DISC style and negotiation style
  • Know your 'fears' and limitation in negotiation
  • How to overcome your frears to increase your power in negotiation?
  • Recognizing and understanding different personality of stakeholders and negotiation styles
  • How to influence and persuade different personality of stakeholders in negotiation

Module 3: Crucial Skills for Effective Negotiation

  • Questioning strategy - levels and types of questions to encourage stakeholders to think more deeply and critically
  • Handling resistance and objections
  • Managing deadlock situation in negotiation
  • Managing the atmosphere and environment in negotiation

Module 4: Negotiation Preparation

  • Identify underlying aims and needs
  • Negotiation analysis - to determine your negotiation positioning
  • Set your negotiation goal and strategy
  • Developing your concession strategies and tactics
  • Strategies to increase your power and positioning in negotiation
  • Strategies to negotiate with different personality of stakeholders

Module 5: In the Room: Proposing & Bargaining

  • Opening - begin the negotiation
  • Manging the atmosphere of negotiation - establish common grounds
  • Observing stakeholders' body language and using body language to help you enhance your positioning in negotiation
  • How to propose your concession plan in a persuasive manner to gain stakeholders commitment
  • Finalizing the agreement

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