Transformational Leadership & People Development


Transformational Leadership & People Development

Transformational Leadership & People Development

Course Duration: 2 Days

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Get noticed by learning how to think, feel, act and communicate like a leader
  • Becoming competent to build team, coach and effective communicator
  • Enhancing understanding towards developing people
  • Gain and use power and influence positively in working environment
  • Discovering personal DISC profile
  • Building stronger relationship and strengthen trust

Key Content

Module 1: What is Transformational Leadership Today?

  • Transformation leadership
  • Leadership assessment

Module 2: Understanding People Development Model

  • Gap development model
  • Learning and development model
  • Values lead to result model
  • Lead enhancement tool (VEC)

Module 3: Leadership Style - DISC Profiling

  • HIstory, usage and value of DISC
  • DISC self assessment
  • DISC 12 competencies in leadership

Module 4: What is Your Leadership Brand?

  • Perception is reality
  • Developing and building trust
  • Leadership brand

Module 5: Moving Forward Plan

  • Personal action plan
  • Team action plan
  • Organizational action plan

 Inquiry - Transformational Leadership & People Development