Strategic Management Essentials


Strategic Management Essentials

Strategic Management Essentials

Course Duration: 2 Days


Many firms are developing strategic business and human resource management as the foundation towards organizational effectiveness, and yet it is still a big challenge for most companies. In this training workshop, we provide organization with the insights to link strategy to workforce and organizational performance to enable all resources and effort are focused on achieving business missions.

Course Objectives

After completing the training, you should be able to:

  • Establish a strategic link between business strategy, performance and people
  • Create a strategic link between organizational mission(s) and departmental critcal success factors (CSF)
  • Establish departmental key performance indicators (KPI) to measure workforce performance on CSF
  • Develop a strategic department competency framework and incorporate into the workforce performance and potential assessment
  • Foster the key discipline to sustain best work practices to link strategy, performance and people

Key Content

Module 1: Introduction

  • Create a strategic link between strategy, performance and people
  • The definition of strategy, performance and people
  • The five essential steps to establish a strategic link between strategy, performance and people
    • Step 1: Establish organization vision, mission and core values
    • Step 2: Identify critical success factors (CSF)
    • Step 3: Determine strategic initiatives
    • Step 4: Determine key performance indicators (KPI)
    • Step 5: Establish required competencies and spell out critical capabilities

Module 2: Establish Organization Vision, Mission(s) and Core Values

  • Re-build 'moral influence' by re-emphasizing organizational vision and mission statements plus core values
  • Link organization vision and missions
  • Link organizational missions to core values

Module 3: Identify Critical Success Factors (CSF)

  • Re-establish organizational and departmental CSF, to cope with current market 'weather', in order to be able to:
    • Adapt to existing rivalry
    • Adapt to customer's bargaining power
    • Adapt to supplier's bargaining power
    • Adapt to possible substitute of our current service

Module 4: Determine Strategic Initiatives

  • Re-establish the most appropriate business pathway or 'terrain' to create a competitive trade-off between value and cost by identifying
  • What are the values that should be 'eliminate'
  • What are the values that should be 'reduce'
  • What are the values that could be 'raise'
  • What are the values that could be 'create'

Module 5: Determine Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • 'Lead' the workforce towards expected winning performance by instilling 'key discipline' to build a highly collective performance workforce
  • Establish departmental strategic key result areas (KRA) and key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Establish four essentials key result areas (KRA) in an organization/ department
  • Develop the key performance indicators (KPI) for each of the four KRAs

Module 6: Establish Required Competencies and Spell Out Critical Capabilities

  • Develop a strategic competency framework to support implementation of identified KRA and KPI
  • Establish the four essential core competencies
    • Strategic thinking capabilities
    • Effective communication capabilities
    • Effective people management capabilities
    • Strategic execution capabilities
  • Establish the required technical competencies

Module 7: Sustain the Implementation of Effective Linkage of Strategy, Performance and People

  • Incorporate KRA/ KPI settings, plus required competency elements into workforce performance appraisal and talent management
  • The quantitative workforce performance and potential appraisal
  • The qualitative workforce performance and potential appraisal
  • Implement performance and potential assessment effectively

Module 8: Determine the Key Disciplines to Sustain a Strategic Link of Business Strategy, Performance and People

  • Establish key disciplines
  • Establish best work practices

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