Lead into Performance


Lead into Performance

Lead Into Performance

Course Duration: 2 Days


Leading alone is not enough in the ever changing business world, manager these days need to lead and groom their teams into excellence. This leadership workshop provides you the essential tips and tools to lead and grow your team to excellence.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Establish 4 key roles of workplace leader
  • Execute the operational plan efficiently through effective workplae communication
  • Cultivate the performance oriented mindset towards workplace effectiveness and efficiency
  • Lead and manage and grow the workforce assertively

Key Content

Module 1: Demonstrate 4 Key Roles of Competent Workplace Leader

  • Role and challenges of leaders
  • Plan towards improving operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Organize your workforce through effective delegation
  • Lead your workforce with high sense of ownership and involvement
  • Control your operation towards effective and efficient performance

Module 2: Application of Balanced Scorecard in Managing and Appraising Workforce Performance

  • Introduction to framework of Balanced Scorecard and it's importance
  • Introduction to other strategic planning using SWOT and the red and blue ocean
  • Problem solving using the 6 thinking hats
  • Hands on practice using the Balanced SCorecard

Module 3: Apply the F.A.S.T Principle of Efficient Executive

  • Productive enhancement through intense focus on understanding and managing 3 key competitive elements
  • Adjust to current workplace and buisiness environment to stay customer centric and competitive
  • Support and cultivate performance oriented mindset through effective workplace coaching
  • Take action, by working and win together

Module 4: Determine 4 Key Leadership Styles at the Workplace

  • Autocratic
  • Bureaucratic
  • Laissaiz-faire
  • Democratic

Module 5: Lead the Workforce Assertively

  • Direct the workforce with clear plans and instruction
  • Coach the workforce towards workplace effectiveness and efficiency
  • Support the workforce through effective listening
  • Delegate the workforce to execute plans effectively and efficiently
  • Parade to effective performance appraise

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