Divide To Bridge

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Divide To Bridge Our Teambuilding Activities Team Building

Divide To Bridge


Once your values are understood, they become the code that guides your decisions – your decisions become aligned with your values
In the final challenge, individual classes will build a portion of a bridge separately and can only communicate through their leaders with the other tribes.
In the end when all portions of the bridge are brought together it must somehow FIT. A final test is to run a TOY remote control car on the bridge and the integrity and structure of the bridge must hold just like the TRIBES of FEDEX
The creative of the tribe Is to use the entire track around the room and lead outside the room. The entire experience will be recorded via pro cam. 


  1. Working with limited resources and thus having cost saving mindset but never lack on quality.
  2. Planning for success and managing difficult situations and difficult people in the process.
  3. Working in different departments or division but having the ONE tribe success mindset of a collective GOAL and DIRECTION.
  4. Stop taking things for granted and being thankful for what we have and received as it can be taken away from us at any time.
  5. Managing GEN Y expectations and across all Generations and achieving a collective mindset for success.
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