Livestreaming & Broadcasting Presentation Skills


Livestreaming & Broadcasting Presentation Skills

Livestreaming & Broadcasting Presentation Skills

Course Duration: 2 Days


Whether from your iPhone, your Android device or even your Mac or PC, StreamYard is one of the easiest ways to go LIVE! Even if you do not have any technical knowledge, the StreamYard interface is very user-friendly. Since it is a web-based application, you can easily add overlays and graphics.

Add live commentary to your broadcast, and if you do not want to show your face, StreamYard lets you turn off your camera podcast-style. You can still broadcast live! Plus, you can pre-record videos if you do not want to go live. Let StreamYard do the work for you.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Learn how to Live Stream from your devices
  • How to add Scrolling Tickers, Picture in Picture and Overlays!
  • Learn how to create professional live streams and video recordings with StreamYard
  • Live stream & broadcast to ideal platform

Course Content

Module 1: Foundation

  • What is Live streaming and broadcasting?
  • The Dos and Dont's when you are LIVE

Module 2: The 3 By 3

  • The ultimate progression on what a presenter should do to be a great one

Module 3: Blueprint Foundation Map

  • Plan out step by step and the set up for your presentation
  • Creating a strong solid foundation structure for your presentation

Module 4: Knowing Your Tools Part 1

  • The art and structure of creating your ideal your virtual background
  • Choosing the right tool to use

Module 5: Knowing Your Tools Part 2

  • The basic foundation kit - setting up your streaming station layout and arrangements that you need

Module 6: Introducing StreamYard

  • Discover your features using StreamYrad
  • The backend view control - as a guest speaker - as an audience / viewer

Module 7: Practice Makes Perfect

  • Putting it all together
  • Participants will condcut a mock-up live session using the tips an tools discovered for your live session

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