The Art & Science of An Influencing Presenter


The Art & Science of An Influencing Presenter

The Art & Science of An Influencing Presenter

Course Duration: 2 Days


When Steve Jobs was around, most of us would look forward to his keynote presentation during the launch of a new product. His presentation would always ensure that his product would sell by the millions and Apple's market share would spike exponentially. How did he achieve this? Well, the truth is this - Steve Jobs was never a good presenter. He was the greatest storyteller!

In this 2-day program, you will discover simple yet effective techniques in storytelling. How Steve Jobs sells and influences his audience using his fables which were all well-structured to ensure his audience stays captivated and mesmerized. It is also through stories he got his audience to remember him till this day.

Learning Outcomes / Benefits

At the end of this session, participants should be able to:
  • Identify the 4 storytelling styles that exist and apply them effectively as a storyteller.
  • Understand the 4 different types of audiences and the opportunities to tell stories.
  • Develop effective stories using visuals and slides that capture the audience's attention and do not bore them
  • Develop the necessary confidence by using the right body language and intonation in storytelling by using proven NLP techniques
  • Use ''Hooks'' in stories to attract and engage the audience
  • Manage the audience and influence them effectively by using the 6 Laws of Influencing
  • Develop a simple and effective presentation with stories as part of the structure

Key Content

Module 1: Styles of StyleTelling

  • Different storytelling & presentation styles
  • The effective style - centre approach
  • Different audience expectations
  • Mastering the 4 styles

Module 2: Stories with Relevant Visual Aids

  • Effective usage of visual aids
  • Examples of effective aids
  • Rules of background and words
  • Effective usage of pictures

Module 3: Body Language & Intonation of A Great StoryTeller

  • Great postures
  • The walk
  • The sile & eye contact
  • Hand & finger gestures
  • The 2P  approach in building confidence
  • Intonation of an effective storyteller

Module 4: Stories that Hook

  • Why 'Hooks''
  • Heroes and Villians
  • The When and Where
  • Animate the scene
  • Connecting the hooks to the point
  • Sample Hooks

Module 5: Audience Management

  • Managing the sleepy heads
  • Overcoming the Chit Chatters
  • Managing funny questions using the 6R method
  • Influencing the audience by using the 6 Lawes

Module 6: Using Laws of Influencing in Stories

  • Law of Liking
  • Law of Authority
  • Law of Consistency
  • Law of Scarcity
  • Law of Social Proof
  • Law of Reciprocal

Module 7: Effective Structure in Presenting

  • Begin with the end in mind
  • The POP technique with storytelling techniques
  • Inserting the Hooks
  • Start with a 'Boom'' & end with a ''Bang''


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