Fundamentals of Risk Management


Fundamentals of Risk Management

Fundamentals of Risk Management

Course Duration: 2 Days

Learning Outcomes / Benefits

On completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the importance of risk management
  • Identify risk categories
  • Identify causes and types of risk in banking and financial institution
  • Understand the components of risk management framework
  • Practice the 3 steps of risk management
  • Understand the risk management failure

Key Contents

Module 1: Introduction to Risk and Risk Management

  • Risk Definitions
  • Risk Management Responsibilities
  • Activity: Ice Breaker, Warming up to Risk Management

Module 2: The Importance of Risk Management

  • VUCA Complexities
  • Stakeholder Expectations
  • Decision Making
  • Organizational Resilience

Module 3: Risk Categories

  • Hazard Risk
  • Project Risk
  • Opportunity Risk

Module 4: Causes of Risk

  • The various Disruptions
  • Risk Impact
  • Activity: Case Study

Module 5: Types of Risk

  • Risk at the macro level
  • Risk at the micro level
  • Activity: Types of risk

Module 6: Key Risks in Banking Business

  • Credit risk
  • Market risk
  • Operational risk
  • Activity: Group discussion - identification of operational/potential risk and its impact

Module 7: Risk Management Framework and Process

  • Components of a risk management framework
  • ISO31000 - Risk management process / The organization's operational risk framework

Module 8: Risk Assessment

  • 3 steps of Risk Assessment
  • Risk Assessment Tools
  • Activity: Group discussion - assessing and evaluating risk

Module 9: Managing Risk

  • Risk control measures
  • Reflect on how risk is currently managed
  • Activity: Reflection on current practices and challenges, The Strategy Game

Module 10: Risk Management Failure

  • Common Flaws
  • Impact on the organization

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