Selling In Tough Times: Be The Game Changer


Selling In Tough Times: Be The Game Changer

Selling In Tough Times: Be The Game Changer

Course Duration: 2 Days


Sales professionals need to equip themselves with differnt mindset and skills set when selling in difficult economy. Instead of waiting for customer to walk to you and focus only on low hanging fruits, sales professionals need to proactively looking for new prospects, new business opportunities, and taking extra effort to create market demands and customer's needs. So, having better trained sales professionals than your competitors is a sure way to gain an edge. This is a highly practical program with proven strategies and step by step guidance.

Course Objectives

After completing this training, you should be able to:
  • Develop a new sales mindset and attitude to succeed in tough times
  • To differentiate yourself from competiton beyond price and product differentiation
  • To learn how to create customers' needs and market demands via online and offline selling to transform non-ready buyers into ready-buyers
  • To learn how to transform from a 'product pusher' to a 'trusted consultant' to gain higher level of trust and to differentiate yourself from competition
  • To learn how to demonstrate value and price to increase customer perceived value
  • To learn how to handle different customers' objections and leading customers to closing stage
  • To increase your closing ratio

Key Content

Module 1: High Performance Sales Mindset in Tough Times

  • The economic cycle
  • What it takes to succeed in tough times - competency battle and psychology battle
  • What's your mindset when selling in tough times?
  • The evolution of selling - the new way of selling

Module 2: Creating Business Differentiation through Value Selling

  • Why do customers buy your offer?
  • The myths of value selling: unique selling points (USP) vs points of difference (POD)
  • How to sell when your price is not the lowest?
  • How to sell when your products don't have much differentiation?
  • The value selling strategy: how to avoid price war game and creating strong differentiation for your business
  • How to handle price objections?

Module 3: Creating Market Demands and Customer's Needs

  • Necessity goods vs non-necessity goods
  • 4 strategies in creating market demands and customer's needs
  • Targeted customer analysis: ready buyers, no desire, no ideas, etc.
  • Using different strategies in creating market demands and customer's needs based on different targeted customers
  • Business case studies sharing

Module 4: Handling Customer's Objections and Creating Customer's Urgency

  • The common customers' objections
  • Why customers object?
  • 4 proven steps in overcoming different types of customer's objections
  • Using different closing techniques to secure sales and gaining customer's commitment without being pushy
  • Creating customer's urgency

Target Audience

This course is suitable for new and seasoned sales professionals.

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