Professional Negotiation And Influencing Skills For Purchasing Personnel


Professional Negotiation And Influencing Skills For Purchasing Personnel

Professional Negotiation & Influencing Skills For Purchasing Personnel

Course Duration: 2 Days


This workshop is designed to provide advanced techniques and tools to create competent negotiators who bring high confidence and abilities to negotiate with customs authority, port authorities, shipping line and other logistics operators.

Course Objectives

At the end of this session, the participants should be able to:

  • Understand the criticality of preparation and planning in successful negotiations
  • Defining the negotiation objectives
  • Prepare the negotiation checklist
  • Establishing initial positions
  • Master the negotiation fundamentals
  • Master the art of influencing
  • Understand cost drivers and market changes that reduce price
  • Obtain advanced negotiation skills set
  • Closing the business negotiation

Key content

Module 1: The Fundamentals of Professional Negotiation

  • What is negotiation
  • The critical importance of preparation prior to negotiation, the difference between a trained negotiators and the rest
  • The difference between distributive negotiation (win-win negotiation) and integrative negotiation (win-lose negotiation)

Module 2: The Four Key Position in a Position Based Negotiation

  • The icing on the cake - ideal outcome
  • The expected position - good to have
  • The bottom line - the must have

Module 3: Influencing Tactics

  • Mastering the art of influence
  • Understanding circle of influence
  • Managing the WIIFM (What's in it for me?) principle

Module 4: Negotiation & Influencing Skills with Customs Authorities

  • Understanding the structure of the Customs Department in Malaysia
  • Understanding the objective of Customs Department - What do they want
  • How to prepare for a negotiation with customs department
  • Understanding the culture elements of Customs Officers in Malaysia
  • How to use influencing skills we learn to build rapport and confidence of the customs personnel
  • Setting the stage fro negotiation with customs
  • Conducting negotiation with customs officers - rubber meet the road
  • Following up after the negotiation with customs
  • Maintaining the relationship with customs department

Module 5: Three Advanced Methods in Negotiating Contract and Prices with Shipping Line, Transporters and other Logistics Operator

  • Developing the ''should cost'' to use in the negotiation
  • Steps in resisting price increases
  • Defining other issues that can be used to negotiate price

Module 6: Using Cost Drivers, Indexes & Cost Estimation in Negotiation

  • Determining the major cost drivers
  • Understanding market indexes
  • Developing cost estimating relationships
  • Methods of determining suppliers cost structure
  • Using product costing effectively in Price Negotiation

Module 7: Key Tools of the Master Negotiator

  • The key principles
  • The 10 basic rules of negotiation
  • Using anchoring in negotiation
  • The use of triple 'yes'

Module 8: Personality Type Impact on Negotiation

  • The importance of understanding personalities, as we negotiate with people, without understanding people we can never be an effective negotiator
  • MBTI
  • Getting in sight into personalities in negotiation using TRACOM Groups Social Style Personality Evaluation Tool
  • How to use the understanding of social style to be an effective negotiator with various types of personalities

Target Audience

This is an intensive negotiation program and suitable for Senior Managers, Managers, Executives and Officers in the area of logistics, purchasing, materials management, operations, engineering, marketing, finance and customer support who are stakeholders in negotiation process.

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