Branding With Social Media Marketing


Branding With Social Media Marketing

Branding With Social Media Marketing

Course Duration: 2 Days


Most of us want to get our business to notice by as many target audiences as possible at the same time get to generate sales. One advantage of social media marketing is the ablity to build your brand. There is also some of us want to gain our exposure to expand our network and to establish credibility. This program target to use various digital marketing tool to get more exposure, be it for your personal or for your business.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:
  • Know how to target the correct audience in order to turn it into conversion
  • How to setup and do the setting in various social media platform
  • Able to prepare the content which will get higher engagement rate
  • They will expose your company or service to new eyes

Key Content

Module 1: Digital Marketing Tools

  • Local statistic
  • How to get FREE traffic?
  • Keywords strategy for high conversion

Module 2: Search Engine Optimization

  • Define the keywords of your business
  • How to get high ranking in search engine
  • Google my business

Module 3: Branding in Social Media

  • Facebook & Instagram for Business Marketing
  • Social Media Branding
  • Setup & setting for a quality Business Page
  • Strategies & ideas for increasing page likes
  • Instagram setup & setting

Module 4: Content Marketing to Build Your Digital Brand

  • Create professional banner design 
  • Design creative ideas
  • Online image editor
  • Impactful title
  • Effective copywriting
  • Make viral videos that grow a brand

Module 5: FB Ads Manager

  • Brand awareness objective
  • Analyze your ads performance

Module 6: Social Media Remarketing

  • Power of Custom Audience
  • 5 Steps in branding process
  • Mapping customer path or journey

Target Audience

Suitable for business owner which want to turn their offline business to online and people who keen to improve or build their company branding.

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