Leadership Enhancement Workshop


Leadership Enhancement Workshop

Leadership Enhancement Workshop

Course Duration: 3 Days


The objective of this series is to enhance the leadership capabilities of senior level leaders. This is to build up towards improving their current people management skills as well as giving them the latest tools of leadership.

Course Objectives

At the end of this session, participants should be able to:

  • Enhance leadership capabilities
  • Build towards improving their current people management skills

Key Content

Module 1: Fundamentals of High Performance Team

  • What is a high performance team?
  • The 5 dysfunctions of a team
    • Absence of trust
    • Fear of conflict
    • Lack of commitment
    • Avoidance of accountability
    • Inattention to results
  • Managing the 5 dysfunctions

Module 2: Giving & Receiving Feedback

  • The importance of giving sensory based feedback
  • Giving & receiving feedback states/ meta-states
  • Setting frames when giving/ receiving feedback
  • Feedback > Awareness > Action
  • Two purposes of feedback
    • Redirection
    • Reinforcement
  • SBI and BISA model of giving feedback

Module 3: Team Dynamics

  • 5 stages of team development
    • Forming
    • Storming
    • Norming
    • Performing
    • Adjourning
  • How do we achieve team synergy?
  • Group and team meta-coaching

Module 4: Power Leadership Tools

  • The spirit of Omoiyari
    • Compassion
    • Mutual understanding
  • Coaching as a people development tool
  • Holding a powerful coaching conversation
  • Creating a ''safe'' working environment
  • Managing motivational factors

Module 5: Performance Management

  • The balanced score card
  • Managing and appraising workforce performance
  • Conducting the performance conversation
  • Managing under performing and over performing employees

Module 6: Strategic Management - The Sun Tzu's Way

  • Laying plans to wage a ''battle''
  • Fundamental factors towards ''winning estimation''
  • Guideline to wage a ''battle''
  • Striving through strategic positioning
  • Manipulating strengths and weaknesses to manage team's energy
  • Embracing and managing change

Target Audience

Suitable for senior managers and managers of an organization involved in strategic planning and management.

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