Woke Leadership


Woke Leadership

Woke Leadership 

Course Duration: 3 Days


The WOKE Leadership training will provide the prqactical and powerful insights, tools and methodologies for you who wish to develop, improve and enhance your leadership ability. WOKE leadership shows clear practices that serve to build the critical interpersonal relationships necessary for long term success, while also focusing on the actions required to achieve outstandind results. It is about the liberation from power for you and your people.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:
  • Recognize leadership is personal and comes from deep within your core
  • Enable you to help your people to discover their purpose
  • Overcome inner barriers and sustain your leadership
  • Have a vision of what should be done
  • Use authority effectively
  • Motivate people to perform at their best
  • Solve tough personnel problems
  • Drive and help people to excel in their job

Key Content

Module 1: Style - Conduct - Core

  • Style: Behavior epidermis
  • Conduct: Leader's day to day actions
  • Core: Seat of a leader's character, conscience, attitudes

Module 2: Self: Examination - Awareness - Regulation

  • Self examination: skillfully looking back, front, side to side - build effective strong leader's core
  • Self wareness: insights of leader's beliefs, motives, actions, thoughts and feelings
  • Self regulation to manage the self examination findings

Module 3: Power of VIsion to Inspire and Motivate People

  • Importance of vision
  • Why create a vision
  • Leaders as a visionary and motivator of people
  • Leadership assessment
  • 3 motives for leadership

Module 4: Empowerment of People

  • Putting your team first and yourself second
  • How do you tap the constructive power of people
  • Power of the position or power of person
  • Psychological size and 2 way communication
  • Characteristics of an empowered workplace

Module 5: Understanding of People

  • Why people do what they do
  • Working with emotional intelligence (common sense leadership)
  • What is your EI at Work
  • How you behave in conflict
  • Persuasive leadership style

Module 6: Multiplying Effectiveness

  • Can a leader multiply personal effectiveness by delegating authority?
  • How to delegate effectively
  • How to assign work to your people
  • What influence job performance
  • Personality differences play a vital part in dealing with people

Module 7: Developing Others

  • Role of the leader as coach and people developer
  • Targeted training needs
  • Maintaining strong and productive work group

Module 8: Performance Management

  • One minute goal setting
  • One minute praising
  • Correcting poor performance
  • Performance reviews

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