Leadership Enhancement In Communication & Managing People


Leadership Enhancement In Communication & Managing People

Leadership Enhancement in Communication & Managing People

Course Duration: 2 Days


Communication is the most important skills at workplace but it's often one of the skills lacking in people. In today's working environment, it is a challenge for all generations to communicate effectively. People may know the reason to communicate but may not know how to effectively communicate at workplace. This program is designed specially for leaders in enhancing their communication skills.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Developing understanding towards effective communication
  • Becoming competent in communicating with myself and others
  • Gain and use power and influence positively in working environment
  • Identifying motivation factor of employees at workplace
  • Discovering team DISC profile
  • Building stronger relationship and strengthen trust

Key Content

Module 1: Effective Communication Principles

  • Introduction to the Communication Model
  • The channels and principles in communication
  • Lead enhancement tool 1 (NLP Communication Model)

Module 2: DISC In Managing People

  • The patterns of people
  • Reading DISC Language
  • Lead enhancement tool 2 - Team DISC
  • Meta program
    • Basic motivation
    • Desires
    • Response best to leader who is
    • Need to learn
  • Reading DISC Language (NLP)
    • Choice of words
    • Phrases and adapt
    • Listening skills
    • Thinking and processing skills

Module 3: EQ High Performing Model

  • Leadership vital signs
  • Team vital signs
  • Lead enhancement tool 3 (EQ Vital Signs)

Module 4: Motivating People

  • Know your people and generation at work
  • Handling difficult people
  • Lead enhancement tools 4 (Motivational Analysis)
  • Generation at work

Module 5: Moving Forward Plan

  • Personal action plan
  • Team action plan
  • Organizational action plan

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