The Change Accelerator


The Change Accelerator

The Change Accelerator

Course Duration: 2 Days


In today's dynamic business world, the ability to anticipate change, adapt to change and embrace change has become an important requirement for creating and maintaining success in all organizations. This learning workshop provides you the insights to stay successful and sustainable change by applying the Kotter's 8 Phases of Change.

Course Objectives

At the end of the session, participants should be able to:

  • Determine the importance to set a stage for change
  • Establish the steps to anticipate, adapt and embrace change
  • Manage strategic actions to make change happens
  • Adopt change as a way of life

Key Content

Module 1: Create a Sense of Urgency Around a Big Opportunity

  • Be aware that the market is changing
  • Be mindful that competition is becoming more intense
  • Be alert that crises and opportunities are out there for us to manage and capitalize

Module 2: Build and Maintain a Guiding Coalition to Embrace Change

  • Create a powerful and influential group to lead the change
  • Manage the circle of influence and overcome the circle of concern in leading the change
  • Cultivate proactive mindset among the workforce to embrace change

Module 3: Formulate a Strategic Vision and Develop Change Initiatives Designed to Capitalize on the Big Opportunities

  • Create a SMART vision to direct the change effort
  • Develop strategic initiatives to realize the SMART vision

Module 4: Communicate the Vision and the Strategy to Create Buy-In

  • Use every possible way to communiacte the new vision and strategies
  • Ensure the guiding coalition members be role models for the rest of organization

Module 5: Accelerate Movement toward Vision and the Opportunity by Ensuring that the Network Removes Barriers

  • Identify and get rid of obstacles to adapt to change
  • Determine and improve systems and structures that obstructs the change effort
  • Encourage risk taking and non-traditional ideas, activities and actions to embrace change

Module 6: Celebrate Visible Significant Short Term Wins

  • Plan for visible performance improvements
  • Create and declare the wins
  • Visibly recognize and reward those who made the wins possible

Module 7: Never Let Up, But Keep Learning from Experience

  • Build on growing credibility to gradually change the organizational elements to fit in the vision
  • Reinvigorate the change process with new projects, theme and change agents

Module 8: Institutionalize Strategic Changes in the Culture

  • Improve performance through customer and productivity orientation, plus more effective leadership and management

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