LEGO®️ Serious Play®️ Methodology


LEGO®️ Serious Play®️ Methodology

Discover the power of LEGO Serious Play, a gamification-based methodology that revolutionizes meetings and problem-solving.

With LEGO Serious Play, every participant becomes an active contributor, eliminating the 'lonely guy' syndrome prevalent in conventional meetings. This dynamic approach allows participants to construct 3D Lego models metaphorically representing their ideas, providing a solid foundation for sharing and in-depth discussions.

As a gamification technique, LEGO Serious Play stimulates ideation, fosters open conversations, and cultivates a common understanding among team members. By actively engaging in this process, participants develop better listening skills, commit to shared goals, and take ownership of solutions. Embrace LEGO Serious Play in your organization to unlock collective creativity, drive innovation, and achieve more impactful outcomes in meetings and problem-solving sessions.

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