Dynamic Objective Key Results (OKR) Development


Dynamic Objective Key Results (OKR) Development

Dynamic Objective Key Results (OKR) Development

Course Duration: 2 Days


Objective Key Results (OKRs) is a goal-setting method that aligns individual, team and organizational purpose, performance and potential in Dynamaic, Aspirational & Forward Looking way.

Through this workshop, your organization can Manage, Measure & Monitor Performance for Business Improvement, Innovation & Growth by:
  • Clarifying DIRECTION
  • Establishing FOCUS
  • Measuring PERFORMANCE
  • Make STRATEGY Happen
Using an Uncomplicated and Practical approach to OKR implementation built on a strong Strategic Framework, this high HANDS-ON workshop will help you to define and design OKR's that shared throughout the organization. You will be sharing issues, concerns and learn how to avoid the pitfalls others have faced in implementing OKR's.

This is an intensive two-day program with hands on exercises and syetematic application and adoption.

Workshop Objectives

This workshop will help you:
  • Undertand The Fundamentals and Foundations of good OKR's and its application.
  • Understand the real requirements for seccessful implementation of OKR.
  • Synchronize, Align, Integrate & Link (S.A.I.L) the Oraganization through Strategic and Systematically managed OKR's.
  • Learn that What, Why & How of OKR's and the success factors for effective implementation.
  • Set your Organization and Departmental OKR's and understand how to integrate it into your Organization Process & Habits.
  • Learn how to cascade from organiztaional OKR to department, team & individual OKR for alignment and engagement.
  • Using right conversational dynamics to involve the relevant people to buy into these OKRs.
  • Avoid common mistakes in OKR implementation.
  • Lend your team, project or company using sound Business Innovation & Growth success principles to achieve your goals.
  • Achieve greater strategic focus to steer your OKR driven value proposition.

Key Content

Module 1

  • The Fundamentals and Foundations of good OKR's and its applicaton.
  • Set the rationale for your OKR implementation.
  • The 5C's of OKR - Context, Content, Critique, Constraint & Corrective Action
  • The OKR Cascading Process
  • The What, Why & How of OKR
  • Video on Dynamics OKR
  • Simple Case Study

Module 2

  • Strategic Theme Review to rethink priorities and focus
  • Revisiting / Redefining Vison, Mission & Values as The Foundation and context for OKR
  • WHat we want, what we don't want
  • Setting The Company Goals - One Year
  • Gathering objectives, listing metrics, turning metrics into Key Results, and agreeing on numbers for your Key Results

Module 3

  • Clarifying & Proposing Company's Objectives and Key Results
  • Agreeing & Adopting Company level OKR's
  • Proposing Departmental based OKR's
  • Deliberating and Agreeing on Departmental OKR's
  • Applying the 5C's systems approach to OKR management

Module 4

  • How to cascade to individual OKRs with your team members
  • How do you translate aspirational goals into concrete action
  • Activity, Tasks, Information Management & Resourcefulness
  • How can employees connect their daily goals and target to this

Module 5

  • The MDRT process - Measuring, Data Sourcing, Registering and Tabulating process
  • Securing Commitment through Involvement
  • Checking for clarity and shared understanding
  • Creating the Right Dynamics and Culture for the success of the KPI Scorecard

Module 6

  • Ongoing Weekly Review Critique; Reinforcement & Reentry Strategies
  • How to Identify Constraints
  • How to take corrective action using simple problem-solving tool
  • Using Cause & Effect Analysis on Man, Method, Machine, Material, Message, Monitoring, Mindset

Module 7

  • Walking through the OKR cycle in reality
  • OKR Work Journey map
  • Identifying Key Touch Points
  • Management Reporting & Analysis
  • Software Options
  • The Way Forward

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