Secrets To Performance Management


Secrets To Performance Management

Secrets To Performance Management

Course Duration: 2 Days


Organizations quantify their staff performance through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Employees receive these KPIs and, without a clear understanding of the outcomes intended from these indicators, work only to meet these KPIs, while treating fellow co-workers as competitors resulting in a breakdown of teamwork.

What if you could extract more performance from your employees? How could you as a manager provide the support they need so that they can truly perform? This 2-day course addresses KPI design and a personal contact program that supervisors can use to extract maximum performance from their employees.

Learning Outcomes / Benefits

At the end of this session, participants should be able to:
  • Translate company performance measures to individual performance measures
  • Align company objectives to individual objective
  • Carry out effective performance coaching conservations
  • Conduct meetings and discussions effectively

Key Content

Day 1: (8 hours)

Opening and introduction
The anatomy of a strategic direction
Strategic deployment - making strategy meaningful to individuals
Getting the right mindset
Performance issues
Goal and target setting
Communication issues
Review meetings and action planning
Learning review
End of Day1

Day 2: (8 hours)

Check-in and energizer 
Moving towards performance
Conducting meaningful performance reviews
Performance coaching with the personal contact program
Learning Review
Master debrief and evaluations
End of Day2
Course Ends

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