Risk Management Workshop


Risk Management Workshop

Risk Management Workshop

Course Duration: 2 Days


This program focuses on how organizations can embed risk management in their strategies, plans and activities. Risk management teams will need to adapt their thinking and approaches to these new technologies and be proactive in reducing design risks and detecting unintended consequences of the new digital landscape. It covers the frameworks and architectures, how responsibilities should be allocated and how to achieve a risk aware culture.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Understand how risk management can be used to support any operations or projects in achieving their objectives
  • Know the benefits of risk management and its relationship with corporate and project governance, social responsibility, sustainability and organizational prosperity
  • Be clear on the types of risk exposure typically faced by projects
  • Be aware of external influences
  • Have the skills to assess risk effectively and to select appropriate risk treatment techniques
  • Take action on how risk management should be organized and its relationship with governance audit and other functions
  • Understand the importance of culture, communications, incentives and behaviors in an effective risk management structure
  • Understand and apply new ways of managing risk in the digital age

Key Content

Module 1: Introduction to Risk Management

  • Why risk management?
  • Risk management principles
  • Risk management process
  • Risk management attributes
  • Risk management disciplines

Module 2: The Risk Management Process, Part A

  • Establishing the context
  • Risk identification theory
  • Risk identification tools
  • Risk deception

Module 3: The Risk Management Process, Part B

  • Risk analysis and evaluation
  • Qualitative analysis and evaluation
  • Quantitative analysis and evaluation
  • Risk appetite

Module 4: The Risk Management Process: Part C

  • Risk treatment
  • Risk treatment plans
  • Risk reporting and assurance

Module 5: Risk Management Framework

  • Overview
  • Mandate and commitment
  • Adapting framework in the digital age

Module 6: Good Risk Management Practice

  • Doing risk management well with the presence of automation
  • Achieving risk aware culture in organization

Target Audience

This course is intended for anyone looking for a fundamental understanding of risk management and the overall benefits it provides and anyone who is involved in managing risk in their organization.

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