Training Needs Analysis Workshop


Training Needs Analysis Workshop

Training Needs Analysis Workshop

Course Duration: 2 Days


Training needs analysis (TNA) process is a series of activities conducted to identify problems or other issues in the workplace and to determine whether training is an appropriate intervention. A needs analysis often reveals the need for well targeted training areas. However, we must keep in mind that training is not always the best way to close a particular gap between an employee's expected performance and it's actual performance. Those conducting the needs analysis must get a clear idea of the problem, look at all possible remedies and report on their findings to management before deciding on the best solution.

When properly done, a needs analysis is a wise investment for the organization. A well performed analysis provides the information that can lead to solutions that focus on the areas of greatest needs. Hence, it can't be over emphasis on the importance of performing effective Training Needs Analysis

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, the participants will be able to:
  • Explain the differences between training and development
  • Differentiate needs analysis from needs assessment
  • Create a practical model for conducting training needs assessment
  • Explain the importance of Training Needs Analysis
  • List the 3 levels of Training Needs Analysis
  • Use the right methodology to collect information
  • Analyze information collected to identify specific needs

Key Content

Module 1: What is Training in an Organization

  • Differences between training and development
  • When is training the appropriate intervention?
  • Training cycle: ADDIE

Module 2: Needs Analysis and Needs Assessment

  • Definition: Needs analysis and needs assessment
  • Needs identification
  • Needs assessment type

Module 3: Why Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

  • Rationale for conducting TNA
  • Apporaches to TNA - factors to consider
  • Levels of TNA
  • Macro vs micro view
  • Gaps identification techniques

Module 4: Levels of Training Needs Analysis

  • Organizational analysis
  • Task/ job analysis
  • Person/ individual analysis

Module 5: Processes in Carrying Out TNA

  • Data collection techniques
  • Tools and techniques used in TNA

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