Fast Track to Creativity: The Art Creativity and Innovation Thinking


Fast Track to Creativity: The Art Creativity and Innovation Thinking

Fast Track to Creativity: The Art of Creativity and Innovative Thinking

Course Duration: 2 Days


Whether you're in advertising, high finance, technology, or any other field, every big idea that has ever helped your industry was the result of creative thinking. Every solution to every real problem has come from a new idea. Every new product, service improvement, cost savings and efficiency idea has come from human creativeness. Every market conquering, competition smashing concept behind every advancement is the result of someone thinking of something that has been thought of before.

The vital, urgent need for constant creative thinking is as pervasive in industry today as computer terminals and interminable meetings. To survive, to thrive in bsuiness in the 21st century, you need to be a poten idea generator. Nevertheless, good ideas are wasted unless brought to market. That is why, the need for Innovation process is vital to give life to the ideas generated. Today, with the pace of change constantly increasing in business, there is always a need to maintain a competitive advantage.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and able to use the Systematic Inventive Approach in Innovation
  • Learn how to do Innovation Market Study
  • Learn how to scope the idea generation process
  • Learn how to prepare and cluster the idea for idea generation
  • Learn how to use various techniques in proviking ideas
  • Learn how to conduct proper brainstorming techniques
  • Learn how to select and structure the ideas
  • Learn how to do prototying to assist in ramp-up process

Key Content

Module 1: Understanding and Demystifying Creativity and Innovation

  • The Creative Engine Framework
  • The untold secret of creative thinking - turbo charge the result with less effort
  • Dissecting the brain of a creative genius organization
  • The secret of ''The Current Innovation Leaders''
  • The Golden Rule in innovation
  • The 5 Step Process in Innovation - CLAPS

Module 2: Idea Exploration Phase

  • Scoping and focusing the innovation process
  • Identifying value proposition and determine business goals
  • Conducting market study and analysis
  • Decoding the market needs

Module 3: Idea Creation Phase

  • Fragmenting the ideas and creating clusters
  • Designing trigger cards to assist in brainstorming
  • Blue card brainstorming techniques
  • Using SCAMPER to provoke ideas
  • Using combinatory table to design concept

Module 4: Taking Ideas to Market

  • Streamlining and choosing the best ideas
  • Structuring the ideas
  • Prototyping methods
  • Storyboarding techniques
  • Preparing for ramp-ups

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