Cross Generation Communication @ Workplace Workshop


Cross Generation Communication @ Workplace Workshop

Cross Generation Communication at Workplace


Now in the fast paced VUCA era, one gap in particular had started to be one of the major challenge in many organizations globally - the Generation Gap. In many organizations, the differences of attitude, behavior, thinking and emotional intelligence cross generation had created a lot of fictions and frustrations among talents. 

This program is designed to create the awareness, groom and train the participants to communicate better and most importantly, effective. The participants will be able to raise the bar and benchmark of the effectiveness level of their communications.

Course Objectives

At the program's conclusion, participants should be able to:
  • Understanding the GAP between generations and how to bridge it
  • Withdrawing the ownership and responsibility from the participants to create change
  • Understanding the true meaning of an effective communication and the essential elements of communications
  • Identifying their own strengths and room for improvements in terms of communicating between generations
  • Profiling and understanding other people to better understand how to connect effectively
  • Adapting and navigating through different generation
  • Sharpen their skills to present by effectively creating their presence, efficiently using non verbal communication and utilizing the room and space
  • Aware of the best attitude to drive and compliment their skills and knowledge

Key Content

Module 1: Let's Get Started

  • What is Generation Gap?
  • ICSA Model Part 1

Module 2: Attitude Check

  • Responsible vs victim
  • Taking ownership
  • The commitment walk
  • The formula - commitment + actions = results

Module 3: Cross Generations Understanding Using DISC

  • DISC Individual Profiling
  • Strengths and rooms for improvements
  • The difference behavior cross generation (Gen X & Y)
  • Profiling the people
  • Discover, navigate and adpat (DNA)

Module 4: Effective Communications At Workplace

  • Defining effective communication
  • The key elements of communication 
  • Communication hot seat challenge
  • Effective responses and listening

Module 5: Issues & Challenges At Workplace

  • Cross generation communication - issues and challenges
  • The electric maze
  • ICSA Model Part 2
  • Going beyond the comfort zone

Module 6: Generation Values in Communications

  • Individual values elicitation process
  • Differences in values (Gen X & Y)
  • Overcoming considerations
  • Feedback sharing

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