Reading Your Customers


Reading Your Customers

Reading Your Customers

Course Duration: 1 Day


A company's most vital assest is customers. Without them, we would not exist in business. Organizations that demonstrate a consistent customer service strategy, commitment to investing in a high performance workforce and customer focused systems enable extraordinary service delivery and enhanced customer relationships. This highly interactive and enjoyable program examines in depth how to build lasting rapport with your customers, uncovering their needs to build world class customer service in any medium.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Reinforce customer retention by creating a win-win relationship
  • Upgrade reputation status by raising service standards
  • Connect the growing needs of customers with good service

Key Content

Module 1: What is Customer Service?

This session will get participants thinking about the information to be covered over the next two days through small and large group discussion

Module 2: Who are Your Customers?

In most organizations and agencies, customers take two forms: internal and external. This session will look at both types of customers

Module 3: Meeting Expectations

This session will focus on the four critical areas that customers have expectations for

Module 4: Presenting Yourself Properly

Using individual testing, participants will take a look at the impression they give customers and ways they can improve

Module 5: Communication

This session focus on communication barriers and how we can overcome them

Module 6: Dealing with Challenges

There are many types of unexpected challenges that we can encounter every day. Participants will work on small groups to develop responses to some of these issues.

Module 7: Dealing with Difficult People

This session will give participants an opportunity to understand difficult behavior, identify some coping strategies and manage them.

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