Enhancing Strategic Alignment Through Engagement


Enhancing Strategic Alignment Through Engagement

Enhancing Strategic Alignment Through Engagement

Course Duration: 1 Day


As businesses and organizations take on diversity within themselves, they are faced with challenges from external forces that threaten their progress. This simulation program targets engagement within the workforce to reduce the gap between diversities and understand the importance of a strategy-focused organization.

Course Objectives

After completing the training, you sould be able to:
  • Display the capability to make ''snap'' team decisions
  • Identify effective roles of team members
  • Delegate talent and empower accountability of team members
  • Effectively communicate between project stakeholders
  • Create synergy through trust-based culture

Key Content

Module 1:

  • Setting roles and accountability
  • Communicating effectively towards strategic alignment
  • The ''human factor'' in leveraging strengths

Module 2:

  • Seeing problems as opportunities
  • Overcoming FEAR and facing brutal truths
  • Create synergy by giving trust to gain trust
  • Act FAST in the fast-moving business

Module 3:

  • Stepping out of the ''silo'' mindset
  • Work together to win together

GAMEPLAY - The Lost Temple

  • A world-renowned treasure hunter has found the Lost Temple
  • He has assembled expedition teams to search for as many gold coin treasures as they can in the temple
  • They have 24 hours to enter and exit the temple safely whilst deciphering encrypted codes
  • Expedition teams can make individual decisions and take any route so long they are aligned with the main objective
  • There are limited resources and unpredicted boody traps as teams make their way through routes that they have chosen

 Inquiry - Enhancing Strategic Alignment Through Engagement