Mind Your Business With Monsoon SIM Simulation


Mind Your Business With Monsoon SIM Simulation

Mind Your Own Business With Monsoon SIM Simulation

Course Duration: 2 Days


A successful organization strongly rely on their employees, managers, and sales director to make smart day-to-day decisions by thinking like the business owner. However, it often the case where most of the employees may understand their daily tasks and job role, while they may not understand the business of their company. While the loose alignment of the collective contributions from each ''robotic'' employee, business transformation and cultural swift could be ALL TIME big challenge for the organization's management.

Building Business Acumen in employees would enable them to have a greater sense to the business that they are in and could respond to the business decision with greater ''business common sense''. It is one of the key for the employees to increase their sense of ownership to the organization and continue to create a meaningful impact on the business results.

Learning Outcomes / Benefits

At the end of this program, the participants would be able to:
  • See the ''big picture'' of the organization
  • Understand the key drivers to build company with profitable growth
  • Appreciate personal daily tasks toward the inter-connectivity and cross-functionality within the organization
  • Align the personal career behaviors and values toward the organization's vision
  • Understand the fundamental of the Business Acumen Framework

Key Content

Module 1: Identify and Understand Company Business Model

  • Introduction to Business Model Canvas
  • Company business simulation
  • Discovering the business key factors in profitability and sustainable growth
  • Business Acumen Power Tool 1: Online Gamification Business Simulation

Module 2: The Fundamental of Business Acumen Model

  • Introduction to Business Acumen Model
  • Introduction to Key Success Factor of Sales Excellence
  • Understanding the importance of Talent Management
  • Discovering personal's Life & Career Values
  • Business Acumen Power Tool 2: NLP Value Elicitation Card

Module 3: Enabling Engagement within Organization

  • Understanding your personal behavioral preference
  • Understanding your thought process
  • Aligning and adapting your action and responding towards other's
  • Discovering your personal intrinsic motivation
  • Business Acumen Power Tool 3: Behavior Profiling DiSC with EQ

Module 4: Organizational Leadership Decision

  • Understanding the reasoning behind certain difficult decisions
  • Importance of personal development to stay relevant in the organization
  • Introduction to Leadership Competency Model
  • Introduction to Personal Effectiveness Key Drivers
  • Business Acumen Power Tool 4: Customized Business Simulation (HR Module)

Module 5: Introduction to Financial Acumen

  • Fundamental Financial Acumen to non-financial employees
  • Understanding Balance Sheet, Income Statement & Cash Flow
  • Understanding the difference of CASH verse PROFIT
  • Understanding the Key Driver for Sales Excellence
  • Business Acumen Power Tool 5: Analysing Simulation (Business Intelligence Module)

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