Laughter Yoga Session


Laughter Yoga Session

Laughter Yoga Session

Duration: 60 Minutes


Laughing is a wonderful quality that only humans have among all living beings. Laughing and smiling overcome anger. A person who remains happy forever, is dear to everyone. If you want to be healthy, laugh loudly every day for five minutes and practice laughter in different poses in front of the mirror.

Laughing relieves tension, brings peace to the mind, prevents heart problems and beautifies the face. Laughing loudly cures many ailments of the stomach, which is why it is necessary to laugh loudly at least three or four times a day.

Make an effort to smile naturally while talking, walking, sitting and standing at all times. This will keep you always in a positive frame of mind because when smile, changes occur in your body's chemical formation that prevent tension.

Why Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga exercises bring a lot of benefits to the human body. So the obvious reasons would be:
  • It is a NATURAL tranquilizer; LOWERS blood pressure and stress hormones
  • It WORKS OUT our abs and diaphragm
  • It BOOSTS our immune system
  • It TRIGGERS the release of endorphins
  • It EXERCISES and PROTECTS the heart
  • It MAINTAINS healthy blood sugar level
  • It helps OXYGEN flow to the brain
  • It IMPROVES our mood and outlook
  • It GIVES us more energy and enthusiasm
  • It HEIGHTENS alertness and the ability to perform better
  • It STRENGTHENS our relationships with ourselves and others

Agenda for 1 Hour Session

10 Minutes: Introduction to Laughter Yoga and benefits
5   Minutes: Steps to Laughter Yoga Experience
  • Warming up with Clapping
  • Deep Breathing Exercises
  • VGVGY (childlike playfulness)
  • Laughter Exercises
15 Minutes: Laughter Yoga Exercises (with lots of improvisation and imagination)
10 Minutes: Laughter Meditation
10 Minutes: Grounding Exercise
10 Minutes: Sharing Session


The above is a guide for the session. It may vary depending on the participants and group size. The ideal size of this course ranges from 10 participants to a maximum of 35 participants in a session.

The facilitator will guide participants step by step and in more detail during the session.
Duration of session - varies depending on the size of the group

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