Power BI Essentials: Introduction to Microsoft Power BI


Power BI Essentials: Introduction to Microsoft Power BI

Power BI Essentials: Introduction to Microsoft Power BI

Course Duration: 1 Day


The business world is increasingly data driven. Small and large businesses alike use data to make decisions about sales, hiring, goals, and all areas for which they have data. While most businesses have access to data of one type or another, it can be intimidating to try to understand without a background in data analytics or statistics. Even if you do understand the data, a chellenge may arise in displaying the data in an easy to understand way and communicating it to other relevant people. Power BI takes the intimidation and hassle out of data analysis and visualization. By connecting to one or more of the hundreds of existing data sources and using a secure, easy to understand interface, you can quickly and simply interact with and understand your data to influence all business systems.

Learn how you can leverage Power BI to easily build reports and dashboards with interactive visualizations and see how other organizations have used this solution to drive business results with actionable insights.


Upon completing this course, students will have a basic understanding of the topics below, as well as an ability to utilize and implement the concepts learned.
  • Describe the business value and features of Power BI
  • See how Power BI works and looks from the user's perspective

Key Contents

Lesson 1: What is Power BI?

  • The Parts of Power BI
  • Power BI Concepts
  • Apacities
  • Workspaces
  • Datasets
  • Shared Datasets
  • Reports
  • Dashboards

Lesson 2: Data Modeling and Visualizations

  • Types of Visualization Available in Power BI
  • Filter Data with Power BI
  • Transform Data
  • Clean Data 
  • Work with Aggregates in the Power BI

Lesson 3: Creating Reports & Visualizations (Exercise Through Power BI Online Services)

  • Creating Your First Visualization
  • Importing a Theme to a Power BI Desktop File
  • Changing the Color of the Gauge
  • Changing the Title of the Gauge Chart
  • Creating the Stacked Column Chart
  • Sorting the Goals in the Right Order
  • Filters in Power BI

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