Managerial Effectiveness - PLOC


Managerial Effectiveness - PLOC

Managerial Effectiveness - PLOC

Course Duration: 2 Days

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants should be able to:
  • PLAN - Adopt the concept of 'Management by Objectives' in planning for departmental effectiveness.
  • ORGANISE - Manage the '4M' resources effectively and efficiently when executing departmental plans.
  • LEAD - Demonstrate the '5R' of assertive leadership styles at the workplace.
  • CONTROL - Apply the 'Balance Scorecard' to monitor the execution of departmental plans constructively.

Key Content

Module 1: Planning - The Foundation of Successful Management

  • Understand the fundamentals of planning
  • Determine the benefits of planning
  • Relate planning and strategic operational management
  • Establish effective planning via SMART goals setting and action plans
  • Adopt the concept of 'Management by Objectives' in planning.

Module 2: Organizing- The Foundation of Getting the Right Resources for Managerial Success

  • Organize the '4M' resources required to execute strategic plans
  • Manpower: Establish manpower arrangement, by getting the right people for the right job
  • Methods: Establish methods of execution, towards doing the right things right
  • Machine: Identify machine and/ or material needed for execution, towards operational effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Money: Determine monetary requirements to implement strategic plans feasibly.

Module 3: Leading - The Foundation of Achieving Superior Performance at The Workplace

  • Lead and motivate the workforce towards high performance
  • Establish workforce cooperation and reduce workplace conflicts
  • Lead the workforce with 'POWER' via positive influence
  • Apply the 5R's of assertive leadership
  • Apply leadership RIGHTS appropriately
  • Build RELATIONSHIP professionally
  • Drive the workforce towards focused RESULTS
  • REPRODUCE new talents among the workforce
  • Extend RESPECT to gain RESPECT

Module 4: Control - The Foundation of Enhancing Departmental Effectiveness

  • Monitor workforce performance constructively
  • Apply the Balanced Scorecard in workforce performance measurement management
    • Financial perspective
    • Customer perspective
    • Internal process perspective
    • Learning and development perspective
  • Conduct workforce performance appraisal constructively

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