Unlock The Magic Of Creating Effective Infographics


Unlock The Magic Of Creating Effective Infographics

Unlock The Magic Of Creating Effective Infographics

Course Duration: 2 Days


This workshop will teach you how to quickly turn ideas, words and data into clear, compelling infographics that make complex information accessible. Fancy software is not needed. Discover how to use PowerPoint to create a visually interesting and compelling infographic quickly and easily. Get practical tips, techniques and tools to speed up development. Walk away with secrets to improve your presentation materials and their impact immediately.

Course Objectives

Participants will be able to captivate and influence their audience through effective graphic design with the followings:

  • Focusing on message and accuracy
  • Effective visual communication
  • Building a structured content flow
  • Create aesthetically pleasing design


Participants must know how to use Microsoft PowerPoint and have the knowledge in creating slides.

Key Content

Module 1: Understanding

  • Why visual communication matters
  • Types of infographics
  • Focusing on message and accuracy
  • Researching the infographics

Module 2: Structure - Frame Magical Idea

  • Finding stories and its flow
  • Composition and layout
  • Planning the dimensions of the infographic

Module 3: Design - Show Visual Creation

  • Sizing and aligning object on a page
  • Search & import graphics
  • Drawing shapes and lines
  • Working with PowerPoint icons
  • Fonts for design
  • Work with data

Module 4: Publish - Launch Impactful Design

  • Exporting infographics as PDF or picture
  • Publishing and marketing your infographic

Module 5: The Application: Putting All Together

  • Applied walkthrough

Target Audience

Trainer, professor, instructional designer, organization development professional, graphic designer or professionals who want to improve design using clear, compelling graphics.


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