Leadership 101: The 4 Managerial Essentials


Leadership 101: The 4 Managerial Essentials

Leadership 101: The 4 Managerial Essentials

Course Duration: 2 Days


This leadership program provides you with the essential tips to lead with 'compass' to execute your departmental strategic objectives in a holistic perspective and to grow your workforce towards the desired performance.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Apply the four perspectives of setting departmental objectives, aligned to company's business direction
  • Apply the four essentials of strategic executions of departmental objectives
  • Apply the four elements of leading the workforce as a coach

Key Content

Module 1: Relook into Company's Business Direction

  • Why does our company exist?
    • What is our company's vision?
  • What do we need to excel at, to make our company's existence relevant?
    • What are our missions?
  • What do we believe in, and how should we behave?
    • What are our core values?

Module 2: Establish Departmental Objectives

  • What should my department need to excel at
    • in the FINANCIAL perspective?
    • in the CUSTOMER perspective?
    • in the INTERNAL PROCESS perspective?
    • in the PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT perspective?
  • How should my departmental objectives bring impact to
    • the company's business direction?
    • the effectiveness and efficiency of other departments?
  • How should I translate my departmental objectives into SMART Goals?

Module 3: Enforce Strategic Execution of Departmental Objectives

  • Strategic Executive Essential 1: Focus on Key Result Areas
  • Strategic Executive Essential 2: Act based on performance measurements
  • Strategic Executive Essential 3: Extend trust to create high sense of ownership and accountability
  • Strategic Executive Essential 4: Keep a SMART Scorecard

Module 4: Lead and Coach the Workforce towards High Performance

  • Integrate workplace coaching as a platform to create high-performance culture at the workplace, the DIME model
  • Coach to GROW the workforce

Target Audience

The program is suitable for exisiting supervisors, managers and head of departments of the company.

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