Microsoft Project - Foundation


Microsoft Project - Foundation

Microsoft Project - Foundation

Course Duration: 2 Days


A working knowledge of Windows is required. No experience of Microsoft Project is required.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you will learn:
  • Project management and project
  • Task creation
  • Schedule task
  • Using task view
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Project

Key Content

Module 1: Introduction to MIcrosoft Project

  • Basic project management concepts
  • Project environment overview
  • Templates
  • Navigation
  • The quick access toolbar
  • The ribbon
  • The status bar
  • The entry bar
  • Using the ribbon
  • Getting help
  • Basics of the project environment
  • Simple check list

Module 2: Task Creation

  • Manual scheduling vs auto scheduling
  • Setting auto scheduling by default
  • Using the Gantt Chart to enter tasks
  • Create the Work Breakdown structure
  • Manually outlining tasks into summary tasks and subtasks
  • Modifying a task list
  • Copying a task
  • Using AutoFill to enter repeat data
  • Using AutoComplete
  • Using AutoCorrect
  • Entering a milestone task
  • Editing tasks using Gantt Chart
  • Tips for naming tasks and setting level of detail

Module 3: Scheduling Tasks

  • Working with base calendars
  • Recurring exceptions and work weeks
  • Creating task dependencies
  • Types of task dependency
  • Five ways to create task links
  • Breaking links
  • Using lag and lead time
  • Setting constraints
  • Setting deadlines

Module 4: Introduction to Resources

  • Creating resources
  • Basic resource properties
  • Assigning resources to tasks
  • Allocating multiple resources
  • Modifying resource allocations

Module 5: Using Task Views

  • Working with timeline
  • Creating multiple timelines
  • Using calendar view
  • Modifying views
  • Resource usage and task usage views
  • Modifying the timescale, zoom and zoom slider

Module 6: Formatting and Sharing Information

  • Project properties
  • Adding notes and hyperlinks
  • Adding notes to a task
  • Copy/ paste tasks and rows
  • Formatting bars and the Gantt area
  • Customizing the Gantt Chart
  • Using the formatting tab of the ribbon
  • Formatting for printing

Target Audience

This program targets audience like Project Planner, Project Executives, Project Engineers, Project Managers who is involved in Project Management.

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