Lean Manufacturing


Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing

Course Duration: 2 Days


As the company progresses, its vital to ensure key employees understands the fundamentals of the company manufacturing systems. This program provides an in depth look at how to design, manage and upgrade a manufacturing process. Base on the principles of Toyota Production Systems and Lean Manufacturing, trainees will be brought through the transformation from a conventional system to the highly efficient manufacturing systems of today. 

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Introduce the concept of Lean from an executive viewpoint
  • Enhance creativity and innovative thinking
  • Ability to develop and introduce new system company wide
  • To show how lean impacts the bottom line

Key Content

Module 1: Challenges of Today's Manufacturing

  • Changing needs of today's customer
  • Industry challenges in the 21st Century
  • Lean 10 commandments

Module 2: What are the 7 Processing Waste?

  • Over producing waste
  • Idling waste
  • Transportation waste
  • Motion waste
  • Work in progress
  • Inventory waste
  • Defect waste

Module 3: Impact of Waste on the Company

  • Impact of each type of waste
  • The zero waste goals

Module 4: Lean Manufacturing System to Eliminate Waste

  • Lean concept for improvement
  • The 10 lean principle and methodologies

Module 5: Cell Production Layout to Eliminate Over Producing Waste

  • Advantages of cell layout - compact line system
  • Reduction of space utilization

Module 7: Process Simplification to Eliminate Waste Resources

  • Process flow mapping
  • Eliminate redundancy and obsolete processes

Module 8: Motion Analysis to Eliminate Wasteful Motions

  • Time measurement techniques
  • Three types of motion in every operations
  • Cycle time reduction techniques

Module 9: Multi Skills Processing to Eliminate Wasteful WIP

  • Multi skills processing to reduce WIP
  • Apporach towards developing multi skill employees

Module 10: Kanban Material Delivery System to Eliminate Inventory Waste

  • What is push and pull system
  • Kanban material delivery system to production line
  • Visual management and 3F systems
  • Setting up Kanban material purchase system

Module 11: Poka Yoke to Eliminate Defect Waste

  • Identifying variables in human errors
  • 4 basic poka yoke methods
  • Concept of zero defects

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