Interpersonal Skills - Building Harmonious Workplace Relationship


Interpersonal Skills - Building Harmonious Workplace Relationship

Interpersonal Skills - Building Harmonious Workplace Relationship

Course Duration: 1 Day


Interpersonal skill is a life skill aimed at building strong personal and professional achievement. Many employers look at this life skill as a differentiator between a good and great employee. Since people are uniquely and predictably different, it is pertinent to understand individual behavioral together with strategic interpersonal communication, negotiation and conflict resolution techniques to enrich effective interpersonal and maintain a win-win harmonious workplace relationship.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, the participants will be able to:
  • Appreciate the uniqueness of individuals in building up interpersonal skills
  • Build interpersonal communication to interact with influence for win-win relationship
  • Build trust and gain respect from co-workers for harmonious workplace relationship
  • Raise emotional intelligence in interpersonal relationships
  • Gain insights into strategies and techniques on conflict resolution
  • Sharpening the core of communication effectiveness

Key Content

Module 1: Building Interpersonal Communication Block

  • Interpersonal skill is a key differentiator between a good and great staff
  • Discovering your communication style and understanding others
  • The importance of 55-38-7 rules and common pitfalls
    • Verbal and nonverbal communication intelligence
      • Power of words and its effect
      • The importance of body language
      • WM Communication
    • Sharpening active listening with understanding skills
      • Listening or hearing
      • Levels of listening
      • Listener attitude and behavior
      • Barriers to effective listening skills
      • Cultivating effective listening skills
  • Building relationship with approachability, tact and diplomacy

Module 2: Workplace Harmony with Interpersonal Relationship Management

  • Raising emotional intelligence in personal relationship
    • Building attachment bonds, creating trust
    • Collaboration and cooperation
    • Team capabilities
  • Major relationship management strategies in current trend
    • The art of giving feedback
    • Give and take feedback well
  • Dealing with people in conflicting situation
    • Strategies and techniques to manage conflicts for positive results
      • Start with the heart - stay focused on what you really want
      • 8 points conflict resolution
      • C32A ways to deal with conflicts
    • The whole work of negotiation to achieve positive results
      • Reflecting
      • Clarification
    • Assertiveness

Target Audience

This course is for all professionals, supervisors and managers with management responsibility to develop and improve their interpersonal skills


 Inquiry - Interpersonal Skills - Building Harmonious Workplace Relationship