Data Storytelling


Data Storytelling

Data Storytelling

Course Duration: 2 Days


Your data is only valuable if it helps people make important decisions and take action. Data stories that are well told are drivers of positive changes within the present day orgranization. However, how can we identify the most vital insights into the data of our business and communicate the same in a convincing way?

This course will take participants from the basics through to the components of good visualization design through to efficiency in data storytelling.



The training focuses on concepts, rather than tools. Users of Excel, Tableau, Power BI, etc. will all benefit from this training. However, participants must know how to use Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel and have the knowledge in creating basic charts/ graphs.


Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be well-grounded to:
  • Turn data and insights into actionable recommendations (make complex info/ data simple)
  • Distill numbers into clear, digestible, meaningful messages (make visual presentations)
  • Use design principles to highlight key takeaways and accelerate decision-making (humanize your data)

Key Content

Module 1: The Data Storytelling in Business Presentation

  • Importance of visual in delivering effective presentation
  • Understand the context of presenting data
  • Type of data presentation
  • The Data Visualization & Storytelling Framework

Module 2: Construct - From Data to Story

  • Contextualize the importance
  • Find stories in data
  • Plan and structure the story arc

Module 3: Convert - Present Data Story with Effective Visuals

  • Express with visual
  • Choose charts everyone understands
  • Visualize charts in an effective way

Module 4: Capture - Maximize the Impact of Data Visualization

  • Formatting (keep it clean, simple and readable)
  • Emphasizing (focus audience attention and get to the point)
  • Interesting (think outside the chart using infographics)

Module 5: The Application: Putting All Together

  • Applied walkthrough

Target Audience

Any professional who works with data and charts. If you need to tell better stories with your data, then this course is for you.

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