Managing Business Environment Changes Through Effective Business Strategies


Managing Business Environment Changes Through Effective Business Strategies

Managing Business Environment Changes Through Effective Business Strategies

Course Duration: 2 Days


The pandemic has changed the way we work and live. One essential skill that we need is the skills of effective strategizing. This skillset will ensure you are able to have a structured way of strategizing which is essential to help you navigate yourself and your business out of the red ocean. 

Without proper strategizing skills, most people would find that they set KPIs and targets without achieving them. In this program, the participants will be equipped with strategizing skills which has stood the test of time and is used in many successful organization. This program incorporates strategizing skills used by Sun Tzu as well as the latest strategies used by strategist today.

Course Objectives

At the end of the program, participants are expected to be able to do the following:

  • Apply the 5 fundamentals in strategizing
  • Identify the stratagems from the Art of War
  • Designing the framework for success
  • Identifying new opportunities in the market
  • Applying the ERRC method for to plot new sales and marketing strategies

Key Content

Module 1: Introduction

  • Revisiting a little piece of history
  • Ancient art vs modern art of war
  • The modern strategist and the 5 fundamentals
  • Intro of the 5 fundamentals

Module 2: Our Strategems

  • How can we relate to the Art of War?
  • How do our current 5 fundamentals look like?
  • What changes can we make to our existing fundamentals?

Module 3: The Influence & Knowing the Strong & Weak

  • Clear instructions
  • Firm instructions
  • Enforcement
  • Discipline
  • Authority
  • Respect
  • Focusing energy to get results

Module 4: Tactics

  • What are our current tools and discipline?

Module 5: Market Changes

  • Finding a new 'tree'
  • Getting close to the market
  • Market intelligence
  • Deep dive strategy
  • Capture the market

Module 6: The Terrains

  • Strategic group
  • Emotional appeal
  • Alternatives
  • Chain of Buyers
  • Elimination
  • Reducing
  • Raising
  • Creating

Module 7: Manoeuvring & Terrains

  • What are our current pathways?
  • What are our new pathways?

Module 8: The Pathway to Success

  • The elimination process
  • The reduction process
  • The raising process
  • The creation process

Module 9: Sun Tzu Applied

  • Rights
  • Relationship
  • Results
  • Reproduce
  • Sales discipline

Target Audience

SME business owners, sales and marketing managers who are seriously looking for new strategies to cope with the changes in the market and the challenges caused by the current pandemic.

 Inquiry - Managing Business Environment Changes Through Effective Business Strategies