Enterprise Sales & Strategic Account Management


Enterprise Sales & Strategic Account Management

Enterprise Sales & Strategic Account Management

Course Duration: 2 Days


This is a sales training program specially tailored for sales people who manage enterprise sales & large deals. The positioning and managing account are different from the standard sales approach. Winning, managing and expanding current and major accounts are critical to significant sales growth for many companies. But navigating the landscape of the company, finding and coordinate key buying influencers, and keeping the client at bay are constant challenges.

With sales and strategic account management, your team will gain critical skills and knowledge needed to help you achieve the greatest possible success in key account management. You will learn a proven process for strategic account planning that will allow them to systematically review and grow their accounts.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the key process to sales
  • Build strategies for strategic account planning and management
  • Create a sales and strategic account management culture and delivery
  • Identify needs from the customer perspective, strengthening and deepening your ability to create value for your accounts
  • Get the best results possible from your selling efforts

Key Content

Module 1: Introduction to Sales Process

  • The sales process (prospecting, making an appointment, meeting, proposal, negotiation , closing, after sales service, asking for referral) - bringing the team back to basics
  • The framework for delivering a successful sales process with your team

Module 2: Introduction to Strategic Account Management

  • The key success factors for Enterprise Strategic Account Management
  • Developing a working plan, management and delivery of strategic account management
  • The tools required for delivering strategic account management
  • Conducting and building a successful sales culture

Module 3: Enterprise Sales/ Strategic Account Management 101

  • The difference between client and a customer
  • Understanding the 4Ps to account management
    • Power
    • Personality
    • Positioning
    • Priority

Module 4: Enterprise Sales/ Strategic Management 102

  • Key fundamentals to enterprise strategic account management
  • Client strategy and planning
  • Relationship building
  • Idea seeding
  • Cross selling or sales expansion
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Maintaining relationship & reviewing

Module 5: Mastering Your Communications Delivery

  • Key factors to successful communication and delivery
  • Principles of sales psychology

Module 6: Tools for Sales & Account Management

  • Tools that can be used for sales and sales management activities
  • Delivering a sales culture in sales pitching, sales delivery, sales meeting, role play & etc.

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