7 Quality Control (QC) Tools [2 Days]


7 Quality Control (QC) Tools [2 Days]

7 Quality Control (QC) Tools

Course Duration: 2 Days


How to control our Quality? This training program provides participant with 7 Quality Control Tools that can be used for collecting data, identifying the root cause and measuring the results. The objective is to use it as standard continuous improvement method to achieve the best in quality.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the Plan Do Check Act concept
  • Implement the 7 QC tools for continuous process improvement

Key Content

Module 1: PDCA Cycle

  • 6 Sigma
  • 8D
  • QC Story Board

Module 2: Check Sheet

  • Recording check sheet
  • Inspection check sheet

Module 3: Pareto Chart

  • Pareto principle
  • How to create pareto chart

Module 4: Fishbone Diagram

  • 6M: Man, Method, Material, Machine, Measurement, Mother Earth
  • Why Why

Module 5: Scatter Diagram

  • Understanding correlation

Module 6: Histogram

  • Basic statistics
  • Normal distribution

Module 7: Control Chart

  • Use of control chart

Module 8: Graphs

  • Type of graphs

Module 9: Summary

  • Where and when to use the 7 QC tools

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