Motorcycle Defensive Safety Riding Program


Motorcycle Defensive Safety Riding Program

Motorcycle Defensive Safety Riding Program

Course Duration - 1 Day


Provides the opportunity for assessment of existing riders of motorcycle and focuses on defensive driving techniques.

Key Outcomes

At the program's conclusiom, participants should be able to:
  • The trainees will acquire safety riding technques and motorcycle handling skills in accident avoidance.
  • The trainees will be aware of their responsibility on the roads and gain knowledge to acquire skills to face new road risks and hazards in managing safe driving and professional rider operations.

Key Contents

Module 1 - Mindset Change

  • Understand the positive attitudes of a very careful rider
  • Identify strategies to change negative attitudes of riders when riding on the road
  • identify the consequences of negative attitudes when riding on the road

Module 2: Motorcycle Inspection

  • Understand the risk if a motorcycle is not well checked
  • Perform inspections of motorcycles in a safe manner
  • Identify any failure and malfunctions to the motorcycles

Module 3: Defensive@Safety Riding

  • Understand the concept of defensive riding 'LOVE''
    • Understand the concept of L = Look Ahead
    • Understand the concept of O = Observation
    • Understand the concept of V = Visibility
    • Understand the concept of E = Escape Route

Module 4: Motorcycle Stability & Dynamic

  • ​Understand the factors that cause motorcycles instability
  • Understand the adverse effects on the riders, passengers, goods and other road users due to the instability of motorcycles on the road
  • Implemet strategies to reduce the probability of instability of motorcycles


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