Mapping Customer Experience Electronically


Mapping Customer Experience Electronically

Mapping Customer Experience Electronically

Course Duration: 2 Days


The only thing that your competitors cannot duplicate is the service experience of your guests. Customer Experience teaches fundamental principles to create good impression in written format that becomes the catalyst to improve the customer experience at every point of contact. In this comprehensive 2-days course, participants learn a common service language, service mind-set and apply proven techniques to effectively communicate professionally when getting in touch with customers electronically.

Learning Outcomes / Benefits

After completing the training, you should be able to:
  • Explain the customer service philosophy
  • Explain the importance of having a service mindset in writing
  • Explain and apply the 4 levels of customer service
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills with customers from all walks of life and culture
  • Practice fundamental email etiquette

Key Content

Module 1: Customer Experience

  • What is customer service
  • The evolution of customer experience
  • What is your customer service experience
  • The importance of customer service
  • The 4 levels of Customer Experience

Module 2: Customer Experience Skills in Writing

  • Communicating and connecting with guests
  • Intercultural communication
  • Positive Language & Magic Words
  • Creating first impression in writing
  • Questioning techniques in chats

Module 3: Arming E-Conversation

  • Speaking vs email communication
  • Establishing rapport in words
  • Rules of email communication
  • The prohibited ''Do's''
  • Ethical replies
  • Small chats
  • Constructing simple script

Module 4: Putting It All Together

  • Case studies - embracing challenging situations
  • Scenarios Assessment
  • Sample e-mails
  • Feedback sessions

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