Embracing Business Digital Disruption


Embracing Business Digital Disruption

Embracing Business Digital Disruption

Course Duration: 2 Days


Digital disruption is a transformation that is caused by emerging digital technologies and business models. These innovative new technologies and models can impact the value of existing products and services offered in the industry.

Course Objectives

At the end of this learning workshop, you should be able to:

  • Understand what is digital disruption in various forms and why we need to deal with it
  • Manage the dilemma of business digital transformation
  • Embrace the formation of new business ecosystems and how to set a competitive edge
  • Redesign a business model to elevate value and to sustain business existence relevance

Key Content

Module 1: Dealing With Business Disruption and What Should We Do About It

  • What is disruption?
  • Why the market is obsessed with disruption?
  • Where is the source of disruption?
  • How disruption will affect your business and operation?
  • Who should deal with the disruption?

Module 2: Understanding Transformation Dilemma and Why Should We Overcome It

  • Are you facing the threats of disruption?
  • What made business failed to evaluate disruption threats? Or they just refused to evaluate the threats?
  • Why should they respond to disruption threats?
  • How could they respond to disruption threats?

Module 3: Adapting to the New Business Ecosystems and how This Will Create Impact to Your Business

  • Embracing major shift of new business ecosystem
  • Positioning and capturing competitive edge in the new business ecosystem
    • Reducing common strategic mistakes
      • Obsession with fixed identitites
      • Obsession with product or product based competence
      • Focusing on product, instead of where values accrue
      • Getting capture by major customers
      • Failure to compete through collaboration
      • Bias in decision making

Module 4: Becoming a Part of the New Business Ecosystem

  • Breaking into new business ecosystem by embracing 'platform strategy'
    • Understanding 'platform strategy'
      • Identifying the differences between 'platform' and 'firm'
      • Establishing the differences between 'platform strategy' and 'conventional strategy'
    • Managing strategies for navigating platform dilemmas
    • Adopting what strategic platform providers do
      • Starting a platform
      • Creating values through network effects on the platform
      • Pricing platform usage
      • Governing platform access
      • Enveloping your platform to create competitive advantages in a new business ecosystem
    • Identifying what do strategists get wrong about platform
  • Winning in a new business ecosystem
  • Cultivating the required mindset to sustain in a new business ecosystem

Module 5: Recrafting Winning Business Model

  • Exploring business model innovation
  • Relating innovative business model to performance
  • Innovating your business model to sustain business existence relevance in a highly disruptive business environment

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