Microsoft Project - Intermediate

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Microsoft Project - Intermediate MICROSOFT OFFICE TRAINING Microsoft Office Application Training

Microsoft Project - Intermediate

Course Duration: 2 Days


Microsoft Project is a powerful tool that assist a project manager develop a plan, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget and analyzing workloads.


Basic knowledge of Microsoft Project is essential with the following pre-requisites:
  • Have attended Microsoft Project - Foundation level OR
  • ABle to switch between task applications
  • Able to create a project plan
  • Able to schedule task
  • Able to create resource
  • Able to print a project plan

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you will learn the followings:
  • Project management and project
  • Planning the project
  • Task entry and task linking
  • Resources and resource management
  • Manging project and project views 
  • Examining and updating the project
  • Printing and reporting

Key Content

Module 1: Project Management and Project

  • Starting Project
  • Using help
  • The quick access toolbar
  • The ribbon
  • The status bar
  • The project timeline
  • The entry bar
  • Introduction to project views
  • Using the ribbon
  • Change the view
  • Test the 'group by' feature
  • Test the 'highlight' feature
  • View and change project information
    Viewing the network diagram
  • Applying a filter
  • Exit project
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Understand how Microsoft Project helps you plan and adjust your projects
  • Project terminology

Module 2: Planning the Project

  • Defining project
  • Areas that must be completed
  • Completing the project definition
  • Project planning
  • Completing the project plan
  • Where to begin with Microsoft Project
  • Setting the project start date
  • Project properties
  • Creating calendars for working/ non working time
  • Factors to convert duration units into hours
  • Amending the standard calendar
  • Creating a new base calendar
  • Exceptions to work week settings for recurring events
  • Displaying a specific calendar on the Gantt Chart
  • Saving new project file
  • Saving a project
  • Ending a project session
  • Closing a project

Module 3: Task Entry and Task Linking

  • Entering tasks
  • Using Gantt Chart to enter task
  • Manually outlining tasks into summary and subtasks tasks
  • Inserting an additional task
  • Using AutoFill to enter repeat data
  • Entering a milestone task
  • Adding a recurring task
  • Understanding the new task mode in project
  • Working with task durations and relationships
  • Using lag time and lead time
  • Creating contraints for taks in Auto Schedule Mode
  • Setting deadline on task

Module 4: Resources and Resource Management

  • Creating resources
  • Using Resource Sheet to enter resources
  • Assinging and amending a resource calendar
  • Resource availability dates
  • Resource costs
  • Assigning resources to tasks
  • Using material resoruces
  • Baselining your project

Module 5: Managing Project and Project Views

  • Outline tasks
  • Constraints and dealines
  • Customizing Gantt Chart
  • Critical path
  • Changing time scale
  • Using the formatting tab of the ribbon
  • Using Network Diagrams
  • The Network Box
  • Navigating Network Diagrams
  • WBS Codes and Viewing a WBS
  • Create custom WBS code

Module 6: Examining and Updating the Project

  • Amending tasks
  • Resource usage and task usage views
  • Team planner
  • Displaying critical path
  • Using resource levelling
  • Compare baseline and scheduled information
  • Tracking and updating tasks effectively
  • Using update task form
  • Viewing progress lines
  • Understanding project costs
  • Creating a budget
  • Creating a schedule focused on deliverables

Module 7: Printing and Reporting

  • Printing project views
  • Viewing and changing the print settings
  • Reports
  • Visual Reports
  • What you can print
  • Information that shows progress
  • Reports by report type

Target Audience

This program target audience like Project Planners, Project Executives, Project Engineers, Project Managers who is involved in Project Management.



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