Handling Escalation And Managing Difficult Customers


Handling Escalation And Managing Difficult Customers

Handling Escalation And Managing Difficult Customers

Course Duration: 2 Days

Course Objectives

At the end of this learning workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Improve their customer service skills
  • Use some of the techniques learnt to achieve excellence in customer service
  • Work on improving their relationships with other employees
  • Understand their customer needs and expectations
  • Understand effective ways to handle customers' complaints
  • Improve their problem solving skills
  • Understand the important roles they play in their respective organizations

Key Content

Module 1: Customer Service Philosophy

  • Three great ways to satisfy customers
  • Who does it involve?
  • The great poem of customer service

Module 2: Understanding Customer Needs & Expectation

  • Who are your customers?
  • The customer - supplier chain in your organization
  • How do you rate your current customer-supplier relationship?

Module 3: Assessing the Customer's Behavior Triggers

  • What actually makes customers behave the way they do?
  • 12 important needs that motivate customers
  • 3 golden techniques to gauge these customer needs

Module 4: Handling Customers on the Phone

  • Positive versus negative elements
  • Building goodwill and trust
  • The 4 step formula of telling the simple truth

Module 5: The Psychology of Complaints and Anger

  • What research has proven on complaining customers
  • The complaining and whining caller
  • 5 types of typical complaints calls

Module 6: Handling of Complaints & Ticket/ Case Management

  • 6 steps to control a complain
  • Dealing with difficult siutations
  • 8 rules to avoid customer service errors
  • Escalation process through ticket system
  • How to stop the abusive caller?

Module 7: Calming Yourself and the Customer

  • 5 steps to calm yourself and the customer
  • 5 forbidden points when attending to a complaint

Module 8: Problem Solving Skills

  • Simple problems solving techniques
  • Stimulating the mind to be creative in solving problems on the spot

Module 9: Self Assessment on Customer Service

  • How well do you know your organization?
  • How well do you know your role as customer service provider

Target Audience

Suitable for executives, senior executives, assistant managers, managers.

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