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EQ FOR PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS Emotional Intelligence Soft Skills

EQ for Personal Effectiveness

Course Duration: 2 Days

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, the participants will be able to:
  • Learn personal effectiveness principles, ideas and techniques to maximize individual performance
  • Understand EQ as a tool to use as becoming an effective communicator
  • Learn how to use Coaching methods that can be applied powerfully in personal effectiveness, communication and transformation
  • Knew the importance of aligning purpose, values and beliefs with thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Develop an awareness and knowledge in managing self

Key Content

Module 1: Leading Self

  • Gap development model
  • Learning and development model
  • Values leads to result model
  • Change management model

Module 2: EQ For Personal Effectiveness

  • 6 Seconds EQ Model
  • Know, choose and give yourself
  • EQ High Performing Team

Module 3: Coaching for Personal Effectiveness

  • Self coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Life Coaching Wheel

Module 4: Personality Style - DISC Profiling

  • HIstory, usage and value of DISC
  • DISC for Self Assessment
  • 14 competencies in Leadership
  • Discover my personal profile
  • Understanding personal competency

Module 5: What is My Personal Brand?

  • Perception is reality
  • Developing and building TRUST
  • Feedback

Module 6: Moving Forward Plan

  • Personal action plan
  • Personal effectiveness principle & model


Our training programs are interactive, where the candidates will participate in various activities, and Q&A to increase interest in learning and building a plan for their next course of action.

Target Audience

Suitable for executives, senior executives, managers and head of departments who would like to understand how to control their own EQ for self improvements.
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