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DIAMONDS OF AMAZONIA Journey to the West Team Building




If virtual team building and other similar online events are to offer value, their inclusion in an overall corporate structure of philosophies, values and practices is critical.

Diamonds of Amazonia is a highly engaging, vibrant and immersive simulation. It enables participants to learn and reflect on key values, behaviors and mindsets to become highly performing and productive in the organization. With the dramatic setting wherein participants journey from Base Camp of Rio in Brazil to mine diamonds in the valleys of Columbia and return to the Base Camp in a thrilling environment, facing difficult weather conditions and anacondas in the Amazon Jungle. Participants have to plan to maximize getting diamonds, make difficult and fast decisions to maximize team achievement, and avoid the dangers that threaten the teams’ ability to reach their purpose and win the game.

The program creates awareness for a winning mindset and has participants devoted to achieving self-empowerment as individuals and as a team to reach new heights and create new paradigms in productivity and results. This program is designed to run on platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and WebEx Training. Virtual breakout rooms are an essential element that will ensure the success of the event.

Diamonds of Amazonia focuses on the following areas:

{C}·         Leadership

{C}·         Productivity

{C}·         Resourcefulness

{C}·         Strategic decision making

{C}·         Winning mindset



After completing the training, you should be able to:

{C}·         Achieve consistent and continuous growth with data-driven decision making

{C}·         Make critical decisions effectively for long-term success

{C}·         Maximize potential to drive performance

{C}·         Strengthen teamwork and collaboration

{C}·         Yield better results by working smarter



Module 1: Context Setting

  • Indoor
  • Program briefing
  • Ground rules
  • Medical and safety
  • Calling signals
  • Introduction to theme and pillars
  • Team formation – Team Dynamics*
  • Virtual team photography challenge


Module 2: Teambuilding Session

  • Indoor
  • 1 key business simulation – Diamonds of Amazonia*
  • Final results check
  • Debrief – Individual and Team learning


Module 3: The Wrap-Up

  • Indoor
  • Anchoring learning as individuals and teams
  • Team awards
  • Merit awards
  • Acknowledgement
  • Final circle-up




Our unique methodology of combining experiential, instructional and discovery learning, and supported by modern coaching technology, creates powerful shifts in attitudes and behavior that will encourage sustainable change in your organization. These changes make an impact on results where it matters.

In our programs, you can expect an extensive use of game-based virtual learning, case studies, debriefing, reflection exercises, facilitated coaching, feedback, group discussions, lectures, story-telling and structured instruments.


All levels of staffs in an organization.

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