Effective Communication Towards Efficient Problem Solving & Decision Making

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Effective Communication Towards Efficient Problem Solving & Decision Making Communication Skills Soft Skills

Effective Communication Towards Efficient Problem Solving & Decision Making

Course Duration: 1 Day


If you are in a position where people are relying ever more heavily on your ability to articulate your ideas, marshal your resources and achieve your joint objectives, then effective communication is crucial. This learning workshop brings you the collected wisdowm and tools towards tactical communication to achieve desired result.

Course Objectives

At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the 6 essential professionalism in handling constructive feedback towards appropriate problem solving and decision making
  • Apply the 4R principle towards effective communication to understand and assess a problem effectively
  • Apply the F.A.S.T Principle to identify and rectify problem efficiently
  • Understand why assumptions happen and how to reduce them

Key Content

Module 1: Demonstrate the Six Essential Professionalisms in Handling Constructive Feedback Towards Appropriate Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Essential 1: Be open when receiving a constructive feedback
    • Understand what is constructive feedback
    • Remember that there is no failure and only feedback and feedback is purely communication
    • Realize that behind a negative reaction from a person who provides constructive feedback, there is always a positive intention
  • Essential 2: Listen to understand through attentive listening
  • Essential 3: Reach a deeper understanding to foster a win win situation
  • Essential 4: Speak to be understood in a professional manner
  • Essential 5: Get what you project and expect
  • Essential 6: Transform conflict to cooperation

Module 2: Apply the 4R Principle Towards Effective Communication to Understand and Assess a Problem Effectively

  • Receive another party with positive pre-conceived judgment
    • Apply the 'Lens' Concept: Remember that who we are, determines how we see them
    • Apply the 'Pain' Concept: Remember to avoid being a hurting person, who hurts others and is easily hurt by them
  • Relate to another party through rapport building
    • Apply the 'Charisma' Concept: Remembert that people are interested in the person who is interested in them
    • Apply the 'Elevator' Concept: Remember to make them feel important
  • Reinforce relationship building with another party
    • Apply the 'Gardening' Concept: Remember that every relationship needs cultivation
    • Apply the 'High Road' Concept: Remember to treat them better than they treat us
  • Reframe your relationship with another party
    • Apply the 'Exchange' Concept: Remember that instead of putting them in their place, we must put ourselves in their place
    • Apply the 'Confrontation' Concept: Remember to care for them should precede confronting them
  • Challenging assumptions at the workplace
    • Reducing assumptions effectively using 2 methods of reframing

Module 3: Apply the F.A.S.T Principle to Identify & Rectify a Problem Efficiently

  • Focus
    • Manage various information and re-align focus point of communication
    • Determine pertinent concerns
    • Establish priority concerns
  • Ask to clarify
    • Gain focused clarification through tactical questions during problem solving
    • The funneling questioning techniques
    • Ask Why 5 Times
  • Seek to understand towards effective decision making
    • Analyze information timely
    • Translate information into knowledge
    • Share information timely and effectively
  • Take the right action, right
    • Translate knowledge into focused action
    • Produce and enhance action plans
    • Rectify potential problems
    • Rectify potential problems
    • Establish prevention actions
    • Identify how and who to act

Target Audience

This course is suitable for supervisors, executives and managers

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