The Passport to Customer Delight


The Passport to Customer Delight

The Passport to Customer Delight

Course Duration: 2 Days


Delivering better customer service is a continuing goal for many organizations. The key is to forget customer service, look towards customer delight. Based on the definition, delight is to please in all possible aspects. As a customer-facing brand in a highly competitive market, what gives you the cutting edge over others? 

This specially designed program will cover aspects from the overview of customer delight, rigth up to areas to target as an organization or as an individual. This program will also give you models, tips and hints. Granted that theory alone is not enough, in this training you will need to look into not only making plans but implementing them in order to create and make the quantum leap to embrace the change towards customer delight.

Course Objectives

At the end of the training program, participants should be able to:
  • Describe customers' expectation in customer delight
  • Apply the STAR Principles when dealing with customers
  • Demonstrate professional conversational and problem solving skills towards high quality service
  • Value customer's loyalty and partnership
  • Create action plan for personal/ department development towards customer delight

Key Content

Module 1: Customer Service Begins with Me!

  • The definition of customer service
  • The evolution of customer service
  • My definition of customer service
  • My commitment

Module 2: Best It Beat It or Blast It!

  • Determine customer's expectations and needs
  • My customer service personality

Module 3: The STAR Principles of Effective Customer Service

  • Build the STAR mindset towards quality service delivery
  • Special treatment
  • Timely attention
  • Assured services
  • Reliable product

Module 4: Special Treatment Retains Customers

  • How to make customers go crazy?
  • 10 world's best steps to gain and increase repeat ustomers
  • What can I do?

Module 5: Time is of the Essence Always

  • The 3 golden tips for time management
  • Use A.S.C to manage your time
  • 6 highly effective tips to manage your time

Module 6: Assure Your Customers through Effective Communication

  • What's my first impression
  • How to use questioning skills effectively
  • Look at how we listen
  • Body language and non-verbal communication

Module 7: 100% Reliable? Sometimes We Fail

  • Why do customers complain?
  • Basics of dealing with customer complaints
  • 3 step method for dealing with complaints
  • Service recover using the LAST method

Module 8: Creating the Blueprint for Customer Service

  • Eliminate, reduce, raise and create value for our customers
  • Which strategy is best for me?
  • Applying brilliant strategies

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