High Impact Customer Service & Complain Handling Skills Workshop


High Impact Customer Service & Complain Handling Skills Workshop

High Impact Customer Service & Complain Handling Skills

Course Duration: 2 Days


Now in 21st Century, in the VUCA era, that very same word ''customers'' provides with a whole new mearning compared to the last century, the last decade and even to before the last 5 years. Now it's no longer about providing them with products and services. Now it's all about creating the ''Customer Experience''. The best way to create customer loyalty is to create an impactful customer service and experience.

In this course, we will be exploring on what and how to create the best customer service experience while looking into the growth of the services we provide through the best behavior and attitude for it. We will also develop our skills on managing complaints and feedback as to always improve the results created.

Course Objectives

At the program conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the meaning and importance of customer service and how it impacts what we do everyday
  • Understand and aware of the difference and the result we create through different level of customer experience and different behavior we used while at serving
  • Create awareness on how adapt and serve different customers with different behavior and preference
  • Learn the techniques and tips on how to manage difficult situation and complaints
  • Understand more on feedback and how it will create growth in us

Key Content

Module 1: Hello, Let's Get Started

  • Working agreements - ways to create values and avoid
  • Brief history of customer service
  • Evolution of customer service in the 4 economic waves

Module 2: It All Start From Inside of Me

  • Attitude check - responsible vs victim
  • Taking ownership
  • The questions we ask ourselves
  • The formula - Commitment + Action = Result

Module 3: My Customer Service - Awareness

  • Self evaluation: My Customer Service
  • Challenges we face
  • Ron Kaufmann 5 levels of customer service
  • Industrial standards in customer service

Module 4: My Customer Service - Making It Impactful

  • Customer service - roles & responsibility
  • Skills needed - smile, greet and serve
  • It's all about the experience
  • 20 Golden Rules
  • Mindset & attitude in customer service

Module 5: Challenges & Complaints

  • Handling difficult customer
  • DISC profilling in customer types 
  • Motivation for better service - gung ho theory
  • Complaints - respond or react
  • Results as feedback
  • The progression matrix
  • Moving forward

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