Synergized Problem Solving Using Analytical & Creative Thinking 每 Swing to Solution Consciouness

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Synergized Problem Solving Using Analytical & Creative Thinking 每 Swing to Solution Consciouness Creativity & Thinking Skills Soft Skills

Synergized Problem Solving Using Analytical & Creative Thinking - Swing to Solution Consciousness

Course Duration: 2 Days

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:
  • Shift paradigm from problem conscious to Solution Conscious
  • Structure facts rigidly and thinking with maximum clarity to identify core issues
  • Define the boundaries of the problem and breaking it down into its component elements to facilitate the initial hypothesis process
  • Use various powerful tools to analyze the root cause of the problem
  • Determine the analyses that must be done to prove the hypothesis
  • Use of issue tree and other techniques to frame the problem in order to facilitate problem structuring
  • Use various idea generation tools to generate solutions
  • Learn how to use idea collection process to facilitate solutions

Key Content

Module 1: Shifting Mental Models - From Problem Conscious to Solution Consciousness

  • Provoking the old mental model which is a roadblock in solving problem
  • Learning and internalizing the proven method in becoming solution conscious
  • Identifying and breaking the personal styles, which inhibit the paradigm shift towards solution consciousness

Module 2: The Process in Problem Solving

  • Identifying if a problem exisits
  • What seems to be the real problem?
  • Troubleshooting - using state of the art tools to analyze the root cause
  • Using various idea generating tools assist in the developing solutions

Module 3: Root Cause Analysis - Using Analytical Thinking

  • Uncovering the potential root causes of the problem
  • Developing hypothesis for the likely root causes
  • Techniques in testing the hypothesis using analytical thinking
  • Using parallel thinking in identifying and analyzing the root cause

Module 4: Synergizing Inter-Department to Solve Problems

  • Understanding each departments roles and responsibility
  • Clarifying each other's current issues and their expectations being solution conscious in resolving disputes
  • Developing hypothesis and counter testing the hypothesis
  • Managing different personalities in a problem solving discussion

Module 5: Idea Collection Process - Using Creative Thinking & Intergalactic Thinking

  • Using various techniques in collecting and organizing ideas within normal thinking partterns
  • Learn how to use a random stimulus to spark the generation of creative ideas or thinking process
  • Using focus method to ensure that we are directing our thinking towards the needed result
  • Learn how to challenge the status quo in order to determine if better options exist
  • Using pattern breaking tools to produce, out of the box ideas
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